Palle E T Jorgensen

"Palle Jorgensen"
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Ort: Iowa City, Iowa United States
Geburtstag: 8. Oktober
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I am a Professor of mathematics, teach at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA; and I have taught at Stanford University, and at the University of Pennsylvania. I am a research mathematician,-- funding from the Natl. Sci. Foundation,-- my research papers have appeared in international scientific journals,-- math, both pure and applied (operator algebras, and harmonic analysis), and mathematical … Mehr dazu

The subjects of my profession, fiction, history, biographies.


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Heller als tausend Sonnen. Das Schicksal der Atomf&hellip von Robert Jungk
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Recently, in theatres in London and New York, carried the dramatic play "Copenhagen," by the British playwright Michael Frayn, revisiting one theme from this now old book. Since translated from it's original German. The play centers around a detail, also in the book; a visit in September 1941 by the then young German physicist Werner Heisenberg to his mentor and dear friend Niels Bohr in Nazi-occupied Denmark. So a detail in a bigger picture, but still a key detail!

The wider subject of Robert Jungk's book is a biographical sketch of the pioneers in nuclear physics, the individual scientist who built the atomic bomb (the time before Hiroshima and Nagasaki), or whose theories… Mehr dazu
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time:&hellip von Mark Haddon
It is simple, and yet deep. It is hilarious and a little sad too.
While the subject of autism touched many of us a decade ago through Dustin Hoffman in the movie “Rainman”, autism is many faceted. As a medical condition, it is poorly understood; a fact that is brought home in the book. I was told that autistic individuals lack a sense of empathy. And yet the author, an autistic 15-year-old boy abounds with empathy! He says that he relates better to animals than to people, is frightened by loud sounds, especially by touch, is overwhelmed by specific kinds of speech and sensations, notices smells, colors, manners and appearances more than personal traits that may touch the… Mehr dazu
A Mathematician's Apology (Canto) von G. H. Hardy
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I believe that the two biggest compliments a math author can get are first to have Graham Greene write: "the best account of what it was like to be a creative artist". And the second is to see his/her book open with an engaging Foreword by C. P. Snow. This little book by G.H. Hardy is deserving of both! And it is for good reasons that it has been reprinted many times over!
More than sixty-six years ago G. H. Hardy so eloquently apologized to the World for mathematics. You might say that no apology is needed, but many of my calculus students beg to disagree!
Back then in the shadow of one World War, and in the approach to a second, Hardy, a pacifist, and the Platonic puritan he… Mehr dazu