M. Dalrymple

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Ort: Philadelphia, PA United States
Geburtstag: 12. April
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Mother of three, mother of twins, breastfeeding advocate, knitter, convert to judaism, democrat, homeschooler and I'm addicted to foofy coffee drinks.
I've lived in Philadelphia, PA since May 1999, via Long Island, NY & Wash DC. I am still discovering what a unique and wonderful city Philly is.
For work, I'm a mom. For fun, see 'for work'. ;o) Also, I knit a lot, spin a little, read a lot . . .… Mehr dazu


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Passionate Marriage: Love, Sex and Intimacy in Emo&hellip von David Schnarch
7 von 7 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Ok, to be truthful, I don't particularly like the author (found him to be egotistical) and I didn't like his writing style (found it to be wordy and sometimes hard to find his point)--However! There is an amazing amount of helpful information in this book. It was reccommeded to us by our marriage counselor and we found it is much more about intimacy within marriage than about sex, though there are one or two explicit passages. My husband is really bored by "self-help" books and he thought this was the most helpful of the three that were recommeded to us. He said that he went into it expecting the book to talk about my shortcomings and instead found it discribed him just… Mehr dazu
Horns To Toes (Boynton Board Books (Simon & Schust&hellip von Sandra Boynton
5.0 von 5 Sternen Beloved, 9. Juni 2000
I got this book for my son when he was about 18 mos, and it soon became a favorite. We both love the catchy jingles. I love the fact that it encourages the non-sensical joy of being a kid, all the beautiful silly-ness of childhood, while teaching . . . My big thing is not only books my son enjoys, but books I am happy to read again and again--This is one of those books.
To Pray as a Jew: Guide to the Prayer Book and the&hellip von Hayim Halevy Donin
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3.0 von 5 Sternen Useful, however . . ., 9. Juni 2000
I bought this book because I want to learn how to pray. Now, it definately explains all about praying in an Orthodox shul, and explains purpose and history about the various prayers for home, but as for reading it straight through, I couldn't do it. I got bored in the minute details. One thing I noticed is that, being totally from an Orthodox perspective, it explains common practices during prayer, but barely touches on the fact that he is referring specifically to men,as women cannot make up a minyan, the group of ten needed to pray. But aside from that, a very useful resource.