Ellen Bales

Ort: Indianapolis, IN USA
Geburtstag: 12. September
In eigenen Worten:
I'm a widow who loves reading thrillers, suspense, and horror. I used to work for a newspaper as a book reviewer and have also been an assistant editor of a magazine, as well as putting in several years working for the local library. Currently I am writing a murder mystery of my own and looking for a publisher and agent.


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The Hook von Donald E. Westlake
The Hook von Donald E. Westlake
5.0 von 5 Sternen Hypnotic, 25. März 2000
If he were alive today, Mr. Hitchcock would be proud. "The Hook," reminiscent of "Strangers on a Train," is a powerhouse in a small package. Only 280 pages, this book packs such a wallop it doesn't need to be any more wordy. With only a small handful of characters, each finely drawn, Mr. Westlake keeps things simple very effectively, without having to resort to an overly populated cast. The story starts out as a simple case of quid pro quo. Two writers meet: successful Bryce Proctorr, whose story-telling well has dried up, and the less well-known Wayne Prentice, able to write but not able to sell. They strike a bargain. Proctorr will publish Prentice's latest… Mehr dazu