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Sideways Stories from Wayside School von Louis Sachar
5.0 von 5 Sternen Great's Children's Book, 30. Juli 2000
I can't really explain it, but after reading Harry Potter, I've developed a great love for all my old children's stories. Sideway Stories is one of them. It was a exciting blend of humor and classroom antics. Smart and exciting, any child would love this story. It's wacky but still heart warming. Please go out and read this book. It's great stuff.
Matilda von Roald Dahl
Matilda von Roald Dahl
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With all the talk of the new Harry Potter series, I find it essential to bring attention back to Roald Dahl. I love the Harry Potter books and give them all 5 stars. However, I also realize many themes from Harry Potter have been covered by Dahl years before. After reading Matlida as a young child, I went out and tried to read any and all Dahl books. They are wonderful pieces of work and inspire. In an age where Harry Potter is becoming a classic, let's not forget the books which paved the way for Rowling. Matlida and Harry Potter are both great books, both classics.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire von J.K. Rowling
In a spectacular blend of fantasy and humor, JKR has done it yet again. Harry Potter appeals to all ages alike. His courage and his friends make way for a grand adventure. The most striking part of Harry Potter is JKR's ability to talk about very adult themes, such as death, in a children's book. Harry Potter is much more than a children's book though. Never before have words come alive off the page and danced like a movie. Never has the enjoyment level been so high on a second reading. Never has any novel come close to the power and fun of Harry Potter.