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A Song for Julia (The Thompson Sisters Book 1) (En&hellip von Charles Sheehan-Miles
I did like the story very much.
Especially because both characters have so much baggage they carry around that the chance of them getting together is miniscule.

Other people might think the main characters (especially Julia) is just stupid. But with her background she has to reinvent herself to make the happy ever after happen. And this is hard. Which I think is very well described in her parts of the story.

What I especially liked is the part that characters which are "special" are the ones that understand each other best. All the while the "normal" people are very consoling and trying but don't get the real persons. I think this would be a good… Mehr dazu
The Wanted Bride (A Contemporary Romance) von Sylvia McDaniel
Yes there are a few twists that seem to happen at just the right time. And a few event might not really be realistic.

Not realistic from a objective point of view or avoidable if the person would be thinking straight or had some common sense. Which she doesn't because she never had to deal with the real world and her world just fell apart.
I did like to read the book and find out more about the main character. And if fate wouldn't change a story in a few places it would not be a good story to tell. It would be boring.

I liked to cheer the "bride" on when she doubted herself and to groan in frustration whenever she was just unable to grasp what was right in… Mehr dazu
Immortal Ops Box Set Books 1-4 (Shifter Romances) &hellip von Mandy M. Roth
The story is nice and strong in the first book.
There are some new twists in the second one. The main plot is pretty similar to the first one.
Books three and four are just reiterations of the first two. The difference is in the setting, the quest and the names of the two characters that are supposed to find each other. The plot which I am most interested in in a book stays the same.