Matthew Milburn

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I'm a physics major at South West Texas State University. I have been following Daniken's writings for many years and agree with many of the theories that he writes about. Not only do I read his books, but I also read other authors works on the same subjects. Every time Daniken's theories are more plausible and fit the description of the mystery better then other theories. Daniken does not lea… Mehr dazu


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Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Pa&hellip von Erich von Daniken
5.0 von 5 Sternen Chariots of the Gods, 14. Februar 2000
Thisis an excellent book, as are his others. Remember thatbelieving in the Bible is just as big of a leap as believing Danikens thoughts. Many aspects of the Bible are true, but not all. Many of the things have been proven false or are speculation. Check Exodous 19:18, this is when Moses is about to receive the ten commandments. Very intresting that God must come down from the sky, and on top of that with fire and smoke blazing all over the place, sounds more like something else to me. I recommend any of his books to people who are intrested in learning the truth behind our past.