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My Name is Yasmin and I'm a bookseller, founder of an online bookclub, avid reader and my latest venture is a website called APOOObooks.com.
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Liar's Game (Hors Catalogue) von Eric Jerome Dickey
Liar's Game (Hors Catalogue) von Eric Jerome Dickey
I thoroughly enjoyed Liars Game. Dickey has done it again with a well-written storyline; witty, sassy and humorous dialogue; vivid characters and multi-plot twist and turns. Liar's Game is set in the familiar setting of Los Angeles and Dickey's graphic descriptions do justice to the City of Angels...I felt like I was right there partying, working and walking the streets of LA with the characters. Liar's Game revolves around Dana and Vince two lonely hearts looking for Mr. and Ms. Right in of all places a nightclub. We're quickly submersed in their relationship as they proceed feet first into a quick move-in/living arrangement and engagement...and as time moves forward the… Mehr dazu
Written in Red Ink von Kieja Shapodee
Written in Red Ink von Kieja Shapodee
5.0 von 5 Sternen I Need A Red Pen!, 27. Juli 2000
I couldn't put this book down; it was a page-turner from Chapter One. Written In Red Ink by Kieja Shapodee is an intense, dramatic story filled with twists, in-depth characters, and perilous situations. Kieja uses vivid and shocking dialogue, poignant details and an emotional storyline to pull you into the world of Emily Bennett. Told from the main character, Emily's perspective, Written In Red Ink is about Emily's life. It's about her relationship with her elderly mother (Lenora) who hates Emily but Emily doesn't understand why; Emily's relationship with her husband Richard who loves her as much today as he did the day he married her-however will secrets from Emily's past… Mehr dazu
Redemption Song: A Novel von Bertice Berry
Redemption Song: A Novel von Bertice Berry
When I finished Redemption Song I felt satisfied, I felt enriched, I felt breathless! Redemption Song is a historical novel written with a romantic flair. Is it Fate or Coincidental that two people would meet at Miss Cozy's bookstore looking for the same book-Children of Grace. Children of Grace is a love story that encompasses generations and decades that was written by a slavewoman named Iona. As Fina and Ross journey together through Children of Grace with the help of Miss Cozy they discover how their lives are intertwined by coincidence and the union of Iona and Joe. Redemption Song is redemptive in that while discovering and reading the story, Fina and Ross gain an… Mehr dazu