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Der Gotteswahn von Richard Dawkins
Der Gotteswahn von Richard Dawkins
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1.0 von 5 Sternen Impossibly naive ..., 9. Juli 2008
Dawkins certainly has a knack for drawing attention to the bizarre, particularly in the religious arena. But as for the arguments themselves? Christianity must be defined by Jesus Christ, not by anyone who chooses to adopt the name "Christian".

Anyone who reads the New Testament can see that its teaching in no way supports the bizarre examples adduced by Dawkins, such as the Crusades, bombing abortion clinics, or persecuting people with homosexual tendencies. And the idea that atheistic morality is superior to New Testament morality is obviously false. Even in my extreme antiChristian days, I could see that. Where do the ideals of liberal humanism come from? Apart from sexual… Mehr dazu