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About a Boy von Nick Hornby
About a Boy von Nick Hornby
Even though About a Boy sometimes moves in circles, and the ending seems like a beginning and therefore I WANT MORE (so goes life), I loved it! Since Will doesn't work and can afford anything he wants, all of the feelings he finds himself surprised to be feeling are shockingly intimate and purely interpersonal (I visited a lecture on the English novel at Columbia, and the professor was saying that the characters are often upper-crust people so that the steamy emotional problems they get mixed up in are unadulterated by more elementary worries, and Hornby seems to adopt this framework for his novel so that he can delve more deeply into Will than, say, the main character in High… Mehr dazu
Enduring Love: A Novel von Ian McEwan
Enduring Love: A Novel von Ian McEwan
4.0 von 5 Sternen Endure a Night Without Sleep, 19. August 1999
I spent an entire night (darkness to bluish-pale-just-before) finishing Enduring Love and felt somehow disappointed at the end, reading the appendix, some kind of psychological crime report that reiterated the entire novel without the science and evolution and letters. I was highly engrossed, though, and the book was, as someone else said, refreshingly challenging (McEwan, the person said, doesn't underestimate the reader). Resent I felt when I read Clarissa's letter...I thought he developed her character not as fully as he could have and without much perspective, the narrator's voice was sometimes a little pompous. A generous character makes a better narrator, but I suppose Joe Rose… Mehr dazu
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and But Gentlemen Marry B&hellip von Anita Loos
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Undercover Brains, 21. April 1999
My brother gifted me a copy of GPB and BGMB for Christmas, and I was laughing until Valentine's Day. It's one of the smartest books I've ever read with one of the ditsiest narrators, but that's debatable -- there's certainly method to Lorelei's materialistic madness! I wish I could also read a Dorothy's journal, she's a stand-out character and (of course) my favorite. Read the book if you're curious about the 20's and those notorious rich ladies, but would rather hear it from a rebel's perspective.