karl b.

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Occaisionally employed, romantically deluded, born again anti-globalist with interest in non schlock fiction or serious non fiction, preferably with some contrarian view point.. also in illuminations of ancient Christian theology.. and the Latin Mass


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Tides of War: A Novel of Alcibiades and the Pelopo&hellip von Steven Pressfield
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4.0 von 5 Sternen ambitions of war, 28. Juni 2000
The Peloponnesian Wars have an enduring intrigue, framing as they did the rise of the golden age in Greek arts, architecture, philosophy and science. The rivalry of Athens and Sparta lasted roughly 100 years, commencing in 490 BC with Athens's military consolidation in the victory at Marathon and ending in 404 BC with the defeat of its armada at Aegospotami. It has come to symbolize the competing agencies and ideals in warfare between nations to this day. The first wars to emerge from the mists of mythology to objective analysis and record, they were described in written chronicles by Herodotus and Thucydides. This heralded the transition from the oral, mystical tradition of… Mehr dazu
Big Sur von Jack Kerouac
Big Sur von Jack Kerouac
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5.0 von 5 Sternen the down Beat, 16. Juni 2000
By 1962 alcohol had become the combustible propellent of Jack Kerouac's saturated imagination. Like matches to the wick, binges could last weeks. 'Big Sur' brings a much different narrator than the frenetic idealist of 'On The Road'. When that was published, years after it had been written, he was touted as the bard of a new generation, a moniker he grew to deeply resent. Popular culture soon trivialized the 'Beats' into a parody of bongo drums and bad poetry. He became perceived by critics as a passing fad. A wounded Kerouac, his attempts to be recognized as a serious writer in disarray, hoped to dry out in a solitary retreat at a cabin at Big Sur. It would be his last genuine… Mehr dazu
Rembrandt's Eyes von Simon Schama
Rembrandt's Eyes von Simon Schama
1629 -- the 60th year of the war for the Netherland. 128 thousand 777 men are under arms for the Dutch Republic .Prince Huygens, Rembrandt's benefactor, deciphers intercepted dispatches in the Prince of Orange's headquarters at Hertogenbosch. In Calvinist controlled Leiden 25 year old Rembrandt takes to portraying himself in armour. By 1631, when Rembrandt relocates to Amsterdam, the city's competing churches have come to a grudging accomodation. Despite the fractious political climate the city is a hot bed of manufacture and trade with the Orient. The savour of spices and silks, the rhythms of urban industries-- cloth fabrication., paper making, gem cutting, weapons forging,… Mehr dazu