Karl-Fredrik Lindegaard

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Ort: Oslo, Norway
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Professor of Medicine (Neurosurgery) to the University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. Subspeciality: Neurovascular surgery. Rikshospitalet (The National Hospital), N-0027 Oslo, Norway


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La Strada [UK-Import] [VHS] <b>VHS</b> ~ May Britt
La Strada [UK-Import] [VHS] VHS ~ May Britt
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Fellini explores one of mankind's most urgent themes: Is salvation possible? The male protagonist doesn't need anyone, yet, when it may be or may not yet be too late, because Gelsomina - embodying "love wich does not ask why (Meister Eckart), he perhaps discovers that even he (the rude and the brute) is a relational being, and that through unselfish love salvation may in the end be possibe although not neccessary. This story is simplistic, direct yet poetic, truly beautiful and wonderful, to be seen, and cherished over and over again. Arguabely the best film ever produced.