Paul Frandano

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Ort: Reston, Va. USA
Geburtstag: 15. Mai
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Enthusiast, Bardolator, casualty of poetry, Quixoteiste, Dickensomane, operaphile, puckhead, long-serving member, Red Sox and E-Street Nations and, more recently, for want of a better handle, "Nats Nation," rising out of the National Capital and soon to engulf the Middle Atlantic States before truly going national on the backs of young Strasburg, Harper, and company.

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Literary fiction, art-house and classic American film, all music - but mainly alt rock, jazz (all: Pops to 21st century), opera, chamber, solo piano, Bruce - and music writing, museums, buildings, cities, Asia, politics, dining out, the Garden State,… Mehr dazu


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Earth von David Brin
Earth von David Brin
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Magisterial, 30. Juni 2000
As Brin himself writes in his unusual, and interesting, afterword, 50-year extrapolations are a difficult business; the future has to be identifiable, but also sufficiently different in understandable ways to be worthy of the genre. Earth is not only a spectacularly readable novel. It gets things "right," in the sense that the extrapolations are plausible (some might say "conservative"), the science (even the fictional "cavitronics") seems, to this layman, sound, the social milieux are eminently reasonable and closely observed. Importantly for this work, Brin more than a decade ago had a clear picture of the internet's potential power, and the web is… Mehr dazu
Human Stain: A Novel von Philip Roth
Human Stain: A Novel von Philip Roth
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Philip Roth is a fearless writer and here takes on the story of Classics professor Coleman Silk, a black man who "passes," living his adult life as a white. A brave undertaking, to be sure, and the first two chapters in which this story unfolds--first through an account of a budding friendship between Silk and Roth's alter ego, Nathan Zuckerman, then in a flashback to Silk's youth in East Orange, New Jersey--are typically brilliant Roth: acerbic social commentary, mordantly incisive confessional observations, engaging ideas cloaked in simply beautiful writing. The second chapter is itself a powerful, finely wrought tale. For me, however, the book looses its way and its… Mehr dazu
The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us &hellip von Brin
David Brin has a lot to say and says it discursively, but he's done his homework--dipping into an impressive range of social science, philosophical, crytographic, and technical literature--thought carefully, marshalled compelling arguments seasoned with humor and bright metaphors, and, as a result, is worth listening to, arguing with, or simply pondering. The Transparent Society works out, with much supporting detail, ideas about secrecy and privacy first raised in Brin's magisterial novel, Earth, and does so in a civilizational context. I risk doing Brin and his book grave injustice by oversimplifying, but let me say Brin views "accountability" and "criticism" as… Mehr dazu