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Baked Delights
I came across this book by chance and after having a look through, as it was quite cheap, I decided to buy it. I havent tried any recipe yet but I have read the book from cover to cover as I always do with the cook books I buy and my thoughts on this one is that it is a book full of delicious, simple but quite striking treats. Most of all it has quite a few recipes using egg whites, which will be a great help to me as I dont like to throw away the egg whites I have left over from other recipes (I also use them to make a mask for my face but that only takes care of a teaspoon full at a time). The recipes are very diverse from Maple Bacon Cupcakes (these ones will be a surprise to a lot of… Mehr dazu
{ POPCORN!: 100 SWEET AND SAVORY RECIPES } By Beck&hellip von Carol Beckerman
I found this book by chance in my local Lakeland store. I rediscovered popcorn a little while ago because I cut out a few recipes from a magazine and started trying them out. As I was having trouble making really crisp popcorn I searched for information online and found the method described in this book, which works a treat. Then I came across this book. The recipes seem fantastic but, after having a close look I am not sure that one doesnt need to find too many ingredients that are not really mainstream. I am new to the UK so I might be wrong therefore I will start looking for them.

The recipes somehow seem American rather than British. Then there is at least one recipe that… Mehr dazu
The Little Book of Chocolat by Harris, Joanne, War&hellip von Joanne, Warde, Fran Harris
3.0 von 5 Sternen Ok, not great!, 10. August 2014
I was expecting more from this book. I came across it by chance in a supermarket and then bought it through Amazon as the connection with the film was quite interesting. The photos are beautiful but I found many of the recipes a bit simplistic, not because they are simple as I love that but because many are just versions of existing recipes with a little twist. So far I have only read it from cover to cover and although I am sure that I will get some enjoyment out of it as I said I was expecting something more original!

I have a few questions though Should one eat the orange in the middle of the Conquistador Orange Pudding or is it only there for the flavour and is discarded in… Mehr dazu