Dr. Paul E. Heaton

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Pastor, author and teacher.
Founded Bible Baptist Church in Lupton, MI, and have pastored it for the past 24 years. Have self-published 6 books and 10 booklets on various subjects from Bible versions to abortion. I have been teaching night classes since 1981 and have been overseas to teach as well. I have 7 children, 4 are grown, 2 are married, 1 engaged (May 2000 wedding) 1 in the service and… Mehr dazu


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The Knowledge of the Holy von A. W. Tozer
The Knowledge of the Holy von A. W. Tozer
This book has to be one of the best A.W. Tozer ever wrote. His knowledge of the Holy has certainly put us to shame. We might have all the conveninces of life, better equipment, faster this and faster that, but we LACK the silent time, the place to be along to get to KNOW this Holy One. I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book and READ IT, and REREAD IT and let it soak in!