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Bound for Glory von Woody Guthrie
Bound for Glory von Woody Guthrie
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Woody has meant much to me. I found out about him through hearing Dylan's Tribute to Guthrie (An Amazing Poem/Bootleg Series Volume 1). My girlfriend picked up the book for me when I was out of a coma for two weeks due to a motorcycle accident. Coincidently Guthrie died the same month and day of my accident October Third. Which happens to be the last line of the book. I was knocked back. Guthrie represented a man, a real man out to do what he wanted to do in the way he wanted to do it. Hard to find in our times. Guthrie has been an inspiration for me and I cherish this book, and I am going to take the same approach as he has done in Bound for Glory, as I will in the book I have… Mehr dazu