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Nero (Made Men Book 1) (English Edition) von Sarah Brianne
a great start for a new author. The plot at first seems not to be my favorite one Teenies in high school and bullying kids - ahm... but I was totally proven wrong. This story is great, the endure of Elle and Chloe, her class friend, how they suffer and literally survive in an upperclass high school is scaring. I hope that level of meanness and cruelty is fiction, but sadly to say I am not really sure, whether it's so fictional at all. Nero, the hero is great - yes, he is an arrogant upperclass ( no, not really) rich powerful young man, actually boy does somehow not fit. Even though he is just 18, he acts like an adult, an bossy dangerous adult, but still. The way Elle and Nero met is a… Mehr dazu
The Winter Mantle von Elizabeth Chadwick
The Winter Mantle von Elizabeth Chadwick
5.0 von 5 Sternen one of her best !!!, 8. Juli 2014
I think this book is a masterpiece. The tragic story about Judith, a highborn girl related to William the Conquerer, her faith with Waltheof of Huntington a saxon Earl, and later of her daughter, is all you need in a really good book, at least in my humble opinion. A time setting, which is perfect. Its short after the norman invasion in britain and times are rough and unsettled for high and low, rich and poor. Mrs. Chadwick describes in amazing richness of detail and historic background the (historically confirmed) tragic love and live of the couple. Its breathtaking in its tense and motion, the pictures of all the people are so real - it feels like so close to you as you want to catch… Mehr dazu
Silber - Das zweite Buch der Träume: Roman von Kerstin Gier
eigentlich eher 3,5 als 4 Punkte, anbei: wo ist die 10 punkte Skala - AMAZON??? Der zweite Teil spinnt die Geschichte in gewohnter Manier weiter, die Situationen sind teils heiter - teils bizarr. aber nicht ganz so originell wie Band 1 und leider ein wenig oberflächlich. Da die Geschichte um Liv, Henry und Konsorten aber gut zu lesen und temporeich erzählt ist, mit doch vielen skurrilen Ideen die dennoch gute Bewertung. Bleibt zu hoffen dass Teil 3 nicht nur die Lösung, sondern auch ein wenig Hintergrund bringt. Freue mich auf Band 3 und ein nettes kurzweiliges Lesevergnügen mit nur sehr wenig (leider)Tiefgang!