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Jock Sturges: Radiant Identities von Elizabeth Beverley
Jock Sturges: Radiant Identities von Elizabeth Beverley
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In Radiant Identities, Jock Sturges conveys the experience of pure existence on a very high aesthetic wave length.
This may explain why some people are extremely uplifted by his simplicitous settings and the magic stares of his posers.
This may as well explain why other viewers get intense adverse reactions or just don't get it at all!
The aesthetic wave length is not experienced by one and all.
Some people hate classical music and some find it boring. This has to do with a clash of wavelengths and NOTHING to do with the validity or quality of a work - especially as a work lives on from century to century!
In this aspect, Sturges' art is legitimately awe… Mehr dazu