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Loves: intelligent sci-fi, cricket, rock music, games, French women, ecology, stone circles, real ale. Hates: any form of deliberate cruelty, political correctness, big cities.


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The Dark Beyond the Stars von Frank M. Robinson
The Dark Beyond the Stars von Frank M. Robinson
4.0 von 5 Sternen Time Waits For No-one, 28. Juli 2000
This immensely thought-provoking sci-fi extravaganza must surely be the most vibrant depiction ever of the generation-ship concept.
The Astron, once the shining zenith of humankind's technological achievement, has been in deep space searching unsuccessfully for alien life for two millennia, and is now rapidly falling into decrepitude. Robinson paints vivid pictures of the grime-smeared bulkheads, the fetid stench of recycled air, bland reconstituted food and gradually failing life support systems. In this daunting environment however, the ever hopeful spark of human spirit shines forth like a diamond. The few hundred crew represent a true microcosm of humanity. Good, bad, noble… Mehr dazu
Wizard's First Rule - Sword of Truth von Terry Goodkind
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I guess it is inevitable that every Swords and Sorcery novel should give a respectful nod or two to Tolkien's masterpiece. Wizard's First Rule bears perhaps more similarities than most and the reader must be forgiven for playing spot the parallels here. We have the slightly eccentric wizard Zedd (Gandalf), a stout yeoman man-at-arms character Chase (Aragorn), a creepy but tragic transformed creature Samuel (Gollum), rampaging hearthounds (Wargs), and of course the brave if reluctant hero Richard (Frodo). We have a journey from the cosy West to the spooky East, a talking dragon, a royal revelation etc. Goodkind has clearly employed a large dose of the sincerest form of flattery… Mehr dazu
The Alchemist, Engl. ed. von Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist, Engl. ed. von Paulo Coelho
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... unfortunately the original bits aren't inspiring and the inspiring bits aren't original. (Ok, OK, if Coelho can rip ideas off why can't I?).
This I-Spy book of philosophy is nothing more than 10th rate, watered down Voltaire. For Santiago, read Candide and you'll get some idea of where Coelho's influences came from. If you have not already read Candide or Micromégas, then you may find a spark or two of inspiration within The Alchemist, as Coelho does pull the right string occasionally, making the reader ponder where life is taking them and the essential power each of us possesses to change things. Admirable stuff indeed! When, however one recognises how dirivative and… Mehr dazu