Steven A. Bell

"Even Keel"
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Ort: Kemp, Texas USA
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I am a Christian with a deep faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I currently live outside Dallas, TX. I have a passion for the Old West, horses, and country living.


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Four by L'Amour: Boxed Set (Louis L'Amour) von Louis L'Amour
5.0 von 5 Sternen Four Really Great Dramatizations!, 19. September 2000
No Man's Man - Lou Morgan takes a shooting job, something he has done before with much success, from a man he calls the "Scholar" because of his looks. The Scholar wants Morgan to remove another man, Henery Whitterling, trying to woo Nana Maduro who owns a ranch on Cherry Creek near Battle Basin. Unknown to all, Morgan also knows Nana and used to be in love with her himself. All three men are after Nana, but as Morgan begins to work on his "job" he finds that things are not as they seem. Nana is in great danger!
Get Out Of Town (Out of Print as a single) - Young Tom Fairchild, only fourteen years old, has to hire some help for the annual round-up. His… Mehr dazu
Booty for a Bad Man (Louis L'Amour) von Louis L'Amour
5.0 von 5 Sternen A Tell Sackett Story, 19. September 2000
Tell Sackett owns a peice of ground in the Camp Verde country that refuses to yeild any gold. All around him his friends are pulling out hundreds of dollars, but for him: nothing. Those who do make it rich cannot leave for fear of the Cooper gang which knows who has the gold and who doesn't. Lately anyone trying to leave with any form of wealth is robbed and killed. Several miners approach Tell and offer him several hundred dollars if he would transport 50 lbs. of gold to the bank in Aubrey (three or four days ride). Tell takes the job. The next day on the trail he runs into a woman on foot. Her horse had thrown her. Now with a woman in tow and the Coopers on his trail that… Mehr dazu
Picture Bible von Iva Hoth
Picture Bible von Iva Hoth
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5.0 von 5 Sternen The Old Pix Consolidated, 19. Juli 2000
I originally grew up and attended church in the North East. Among the Sunday School materials distributed was a little pamphlet called Pix. Almost every week Pix would contain a couple of pages of the Bible rendered in cartoon. Cook publishing has taken most of these and compiled them into one volume (yes, I still have some of the original Pix even after 30 years and I have found a few installments to be missing from this Bible, not a biggy as everything of importance is there, especially the Gospel message). I found that my children really didn't start getting into the pictures/stories until they were around four so you may want to gauge accordingly (some of th pictures/themes… Mehr dazu