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Angels' Share - Ein Schluck für die Engel <b>DVD</b> ~ Paul Brannigan
4.0 von 5 Sternen Angel's share, 3. Mai 2014
A movie about some young uns who have, shall we say, not yet decided what they want to do with themselves and their lives (and probably will never get to decide, either because they are the kind who remain kids forever, or life just manages to drag them down before they manage to come to a decision. Really, they were just so devastatingly stupid), and some ridiculously expensive whiskey. All in all a truly heartwarming story, funny, cute, but not overly sweet, touching on serious themes, but without being morose.
Desigual Damentasche Modell London Alguero 39X5268 Desigual
Plus side: the size. I always have to carry half of my life with me. And the gazillions of pockets. Easy to sort things that way. You just have to remember which pocket is for what.

Minus side: the shoulder strap is WAY too long. As the bag itself is already quite big/deep, it is difficult to dig in it trying to find stuff from the bottom. Also, considering its size, I am not sure if it is strong enough to carry everything that can be placed in it. I had a model of the same size and cut, but a different color combination and (daughter says) possibly different material of the shoulder strap, and the strap broke after relatively little use.

But it is pretty, and great… Mehr dazu
Courting His Countess (English Edition) von C.J. Archer
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2.0 von 5 Sternen Is that really courting?, 25. August 2013
The first chapter was available in the preview, and I loved it, I loved the dialogue, and the heroine was really sassy and nice. As soon as the preview part ended, though, the story changed. The heroine became a wimp, both the hero and heroine started doing things that they had sworn they would not do. That made the characterisation really poor, in my eyes. And yeah, jumping to bed has always been the cure for all ills, right? Right. That made the plotline poor, in my eyes. It was neither romantic nor sexy.


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