Ng Chon Hsing

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Creating wealth, investing and building businesses are some of the things I do for fun. I spend a lot of my free time surfing the internet pursuing my interests, and maintaining and upgrading PCs.

I reside in Singapore, a nation striving to be the 'Switzerland of the East'. I am an investment banker with Singapore's largest bank-backed fund management house, and I specialise in the structuring … Mehr dazu


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The Irwin Guide to Using the Wall St.Reet Journal,&hellip von Michael B. Lehmann
4.0 von 5 Sternen Be your own economist, 23. Juli 2000
Financial literacy is one of the basic keys to achieving Financial Independence. Money is seen with the mind, not with the eyes. Those who can read financial numbers and news will eventually control those who cannot. Many people make decisions to buy real estate or stocks, or enter into businesses, based on their emotions and not on any understanding of the financial rationale behind it. That's why 9 out 10 people don't make money.
The Wall Street Journal is the best source of all the financial, economics and investment news, figures and data you need to get started on acquiring financial literacy. Having said that, for one who has not studied economics or obtained a finance… Mehr dazu
No Excuses: The Antonio Sabato, Jr. Workout Book: &hellip von Greg Frietas
There are loads of bodybuilding books out there. And to some, the price of this book may be on the high side. So, why Antonio Sabato's Workout For Life?
Here's why. The physique achieved by Antonio is no mean feat. This book shows you how you can build a great physique by being moderate and commonsensical; without resorting to pills, supplements and fancy diets; and without lifting weights which may be too heavy for your own good.
It's refreshing how Antonio departs from the usual oft-cited bodybuilding "wisdom" out there. Conventional bodybuilding techniques teach you to use heavy weights and to have rests in between these heavy sets. However, using heavy weights… Mehr dazu
48 Laws of Power von Joost Elffers
48 Laws of Power von Joost Elffers
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This is a naughty book. It teaches the would-be proponent of the power game, to be mean and nasty, and how to get ahead in life. To this end, the book sets out The 48 Laws of Power.
The 48 Laws of Power is highly common-sensical, realistic and practical. Notwithstanding the meanness of the 48 Laws, I found this book to be a valuable guide to getting on in life. Politics and human relations are inevitable matters which we have to deal with in life. The sooner one learns and masters the 48 Laws, the better.
Personally, I would not advocate actively practising the 48 Laws. But knowing what these 48 Laws are, is imperative. They more one is aware of these Laws, the better one… Mehr dazu