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Learning the UNIX Operating System (In a Nutshell) von Jerry Peek
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For all the people who whined and pined about how this book didn't talk about anything: 1) Pick the book up. 2) Look at it's width. 3) Note that a 3/4cm book will not answer all your questinos about a 30-yearold, complex, multiuser, multitasking operating system! Honestly, what did you expect in 100 pages!? For everyone else who is new/practically new to the Unix OS, get this book. $10 will not break you. It then refers other books to you. I also recomend Unix in a Nutshell (and all the other books by O'Reilly, they're amazing) for some more indepth information on the Unix OS. Then it will talk about smaller parts of the OS and then you can get another O'Reilly book about that… Mehr dazu