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MindWar (English Edition) von Michael Aquino
MindWar (English Edition) von Michael Aquino
I found this little gem after looking into the topic of special ops training and 21st century warfare.
What I found exceeded my expectations and has left a lasting mark on how I today perceive physical war.

The book was written by a Vietnam Veteran author who, not only worked his way up the United States' military ranks to the position of Lt.Col, (enjoying top level security clearance until retirement) but also holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of California and for many years served as a professor on that very subject.

The author furthermore seems to be very well acquainted and experienced with the subjects of philosophy and metaphysics. This… Mehr dazu
Nicht gekauft hat er schon: So denken Top-Verkäufe&hellip von Martin Limbeck
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Martin Limbeck hat es mit diesem Buch geschafft seine Erfahrungen als Verkäufer dem Leser auf Augenhöhe und lebendig zu präsentieren. Das Buch habe ich innerhalb von 3 Tagen auf Kindle gelesen. Es war durchwegs spannend, unterhaltsam, motivierend und lehrreich. Deshalb 5 Sterne und Kaufempfehlung.
Ogilvy on Advertising von David Ogilvy
Ogilvy on Advertising von David Ogilvy
What a great book by a great author!
Maybe I am biased, but I have to be after this great book.

I love David Ogilvy's writing style, and despite his sometimes seeming arrogance
it must be said that his teachings are timeless and that he himself applied them
very successfully in founding his own ad-agency as well as leading countless
successful advertising campaigns.

Summary: Absolutely recommended