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Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter mit LED | unters&hellip von Inateck
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2.0 von 5 Sternen Chinese crap, 13. Februar 2014
The device itself works and the build quality is good. But guess what. Each device must come with an unique MAC address. That's how your computer uniquely identifies each device. Of course, the manufacturer decided to cut corners and made all devices with the same address. At first I bought one and everything was fine. Until I bought the second one - because both devices share the same MAC address I keep having problems connecting other Bluetooth devices to them.
COLT ® stilvoller MP3-Player mit Clip - mit SD-Kar&hellip von COLT®
1.0 von 5 Sternen You get what you pay for, 5. Dezember 2013
This is just to make buyers aware what this product is worth.
By looking at the price and other reviews it should be clear to you that this device is most probably not worth looking at.

I personally bought it with eyes open to the fact that I am getting something with very low quality, because I needed the device for parts.

Just for the test I plugged it to the PC: the device did not appear as an USB storage (although I had the SD card in) and the USB cable overheated (yes, it got HOT!!!).
The supplied USB cable is of very low quality - very thin, short, and the connector on one side was half open exposing the cables inside.
After opening the device I… Mehr dazu
HomeSpot kabelloser Bluetooth HIFI Musikadapter mi&hellip von HomeSpot
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In general this BT receiver is very good.

The good:
It's quite compact: 5x5x1,5 cm.
Connects without problems to Android OS devices like Nexus 7.
The sound is crisp.

Not very good:
When disconnecting (the BT connection, not the power), a significant thump is being heard. It's not terrible, but you have to be aware.
In my particular configuration I get grounding noises when I connect the device to an USB hub where other usb devices are plugged in.
The configuration is: USB hub -> Raspberry Pi -> HDMI2AV -> Amplifier. When I add the BT device to the hub and the amplifier on both inputs of the amplifier(the HDMI2AV and the BT device) I get a… Mehr dazu