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The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell&hellip von G. Richard Shell
What I do not like about the book is this: I read the book with a lot of attention and made notes. I also able to remember most things from the book. But there are only few things I learned from the book that use in daily life! I would have appreciated the book to be less abtract and more concrete.

But the book is on a great topic: how to woo other people over!
The books does use a lot of examples.
Thus you probably will enjoy the book but do not expect to become an overnight success at "the art of woo".
Viral Loop von Adam Penenberg
Viral Loop von Adam Penenberg
The book is a collection of interesting stories written in a way almost like fiction. So it makes for nice reading.
However, if you are looking for getting ideas on how to outdo your competion or even specifc recipes on how to make your online product viral, the book will not help you!
iPhone & iPad Apps Marketing: Erfolgsrezepte für d&hellip von Jeffrey Hughes
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The book talks about the basics of marketing:
have a clear value proposition that is reflected in everything you do
know your target market
set right price
competitor analysis
however the knowledge is just marketing basics. The book fails to show how to apply it to the app marketing.
The book gives overview over many important points to consider:
right graphics
right app name
right description
making a press release
buying ads
but he almost does not mention how to execute any of these measures! I would have loved to gotten to know how to write a press release specifically for an app that gets published! Or specific… Mehr dazu