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Physics of Star Trek, The (Star Trek Series) von Lawrence M. Krauss
Good read. Covers all the basics of "trek science". Every SF reader has a thirst for what makes his favorite stories tick (science). Don't you?
A broader examination of this subject is due. Krauss's other books aren't as good as this one.
My pet peeve....SF movies that have noisy spacecraft...didn't everyone hear (pun intended)... "In space no one can hear you scream."
The Poisonwood Bible (Oprah's Book Club) von Barbara Kingsolver
1.0 von 5 Sternen Preachy False History, 24. Juni 2000
I sampled this book recently because I heard Oprah chose it. I was frustrated by the lack of historical integrity. I felt preached upon by a story with a narrow and faulty point of view. If this was simply left as a piece of fiction I might have been able to swallow it.
I write this review because a previous reviewer stated some of the same points. And I'd like others to know that it just isn't one persons' view.
The book is well written trash, preachy at best!
The Star Trek Encyclopedia: A Reference Guide to t&hellip von Michael Okuda
Aliens? Ships? Even plants, hobbies, some of the best 'trek trivia' to be found! This book answered nearly every question I posed it. Even 'Gloria' is listed! Buy the book to find out who Gloria is.) My only complaint is that some of the subject matter could have been cross-indexed (for example it would have been nice to have the 'Trek Aliens' listed somewhere seperately as a reference).
A good companion book is 'Star Trek Chronology'.