About Availability

When calculating how long it will take to receive an item, you need to take into account its availability. This is shown on the item's product information page (the page on which the item's name, image and reviews are displayed).

An item's availability is just below or next to the image. Availabilities are as follows:
  • Auf Lager (In stock): if we have at least one of the item in stock in one of our fulfilment centres this is the estimated time it will take to pack it and prepare it for dispatch. If the item is being fulfilled by a seller other than Amazon.de, then the seller has the item on hand and can ship it out within 2 business days.
  • Gewöhnlich versandfertig in X bis Y Tagen/Wochen (any other specific length of time, eg: 3-4 days/weeks ): if the item is available but not in stock, this is the estimated time it will take us to receive it from the supplier, pack it and prepare it for dispatch.
  • Dieser Artikel erscheint am (Datum). Bestellen Sie jetzt: (Item will be published on [date]. Order now): you can still order this title; it will be sent to you as soon we receive it from the supplier. The latest release-date information we have from the suppliers may also be displayed.
  • Derzeit nicht verfügbar (currently unable to offer this title) this item may be out of stock with our supplier or out of print. If you would like to purchase it, we recommend you occasionally check this page to see if it has become available.

Once you know the availability, you can use the avarage delivery span for orders within Germany (in German) or for International Deliveries to calculate the total delivery time for the item.

To keep you fully informed of the progress of your order, we'll send you one e-mail when we receive it and another when we dispatch it from our fulfilment centre, confirming the date, contents and method of delivery.

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