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Promotional Gift Certificates

Many promotional and special offers are available at or partners. Often a promotional gift certificate is required to avail of these offers and these are displayed on our website, on flyers or you might have received one via e-mail or otherwise.

When taking advantage of such an offer be sure to read all of the promotion's restrictions as well as our general Terms and Conditions for Promotional Gift Certificates. Please take special note of both the items you’re buying and the sellers you're buying them from, as some promotions are restricted to certain items and/or sellers.

To qualify for a specific promotion, your order must be placed during the  specified promotion period. We are unable to apply promotional gift  certificates or discounts to items ordered before or after the dates of a  promotional offer. Promotional gift certificates can be redeemed only by using the Shopping Basket ("Einkaufswagen") at the time you place an order on our website. You can verify that a promotional gift certificate has been successfully applied when you review the last page of the order form "Fertig" before you submit your order. These details will also be displayed in the e-mail confirmation and at the order summary page which is accessible via Mein Konto

Difficulties Redeeming Your Promotional Certificate?

You need to enter your promotional  certificate's claim code into the order form only once in order to redeem those  funds. If for some reason you do not place an order at that time, those funds will remain in your account until they are used or until they expire. When you  place another order that meets the restrictions for the promotion, you should  see these funds listed on the "Payment" section of the order form.

Some promotional certificates and offers are restricted to one per  customer, and some require a minimum purchase. Please read our promotional certificate rules and restrictions or visit the link included with the promotional offer for any extra restrictions associated with that particular offer.

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