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Difference between Wish List and Merkliste

Our "Wunschzettel" (Wish List) feature is intended as a way for you to let your friends and family know which items you would like to receive as gifts.

If you are interested in keeping a list of items (Merkliste) you'd like to buy for yourself (or for others), our Shopping Basket (Einkaufswagen) allows you to save items for future purchasing--even if you use your basket to make other purchases in the meantime.

Here's how to save items for later works:

  • Add the items to your Shopping Basket by clicking the "In den Einkaufswagen" button on each product page.
  • On the "Einkaufswagen" (Shopping Basket) page, click "Auf die Merkliste" (save for later) next to a title to move that item from your current Shopping Basket to your "Gespeicherte Artikel -- für einen späteren Einkauf" list.

Saved items are not included in your purchase when you proceed to checkout, but they will remain on your Shopping Basket page.

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