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Create a Wish List

If you'd like to let your friends and family know what items you'd like to receive as gifts, all you have to do is create a Wish List (Wunschzettel) on our Web site.

When you find something in our catalogue that you'd like to add to your Wish List, click the "Auf meinen Wunschzettel" (Add to My Wish List) button. You'll find this button on each product page, just under the "In den Einkaufswagen" (Add to Shopping Basket) button.

Click on the button to add the item to your Wish List. If you are setting up your list, you will need to enter your name and delivery address on the next page. First press the button "Neue Adresse" to enter your address.

You will be asked for:

  • Vollständiger Name -- First and last name
  • Adresse Zeile 1: Address Line 1 -- Name of Street (required)
  • Adresse Linie 2: Address Line 2 -- optional
  • Stadt -- City
  • Bundesland/Kanton -- State
  • Postleitzahl -- Area Code
  • Land -- Country
  • Telefonnummer -- Telephone number

Please confirm by pressing the "Abschicken" button.

On the next page, you are asked to provide some more information about yourself. Please enter these in the writing box underneath "Machen Sie ein paar Angaben über sich selbst" and confirm by clicking on "Bestätigen".

This information is used to identify and publish your Wish List and then to process and fulfil your Wish List orders.

Once your Wish List has been set up, you can add more items to your Wish List by clicking the button "Auf meinen Wunschzettel" on their product pages. Please note that Wish Lists are not searchable until three business days after they are created--so don't worry if you can't find yours on the Web site right away.

You'll be able to view or edit your Wish List (Wunschzettel) by accessing your Wish List page at:

To remove an item, click on the link "Entfernen". When revising quantity, or changing comments, please remember to click "Speichern".

Confirmation Mail

You will receive an e-mail-confirmation that you have created an Wish List ("Wunschzettel").

How to write a wish list, your personalised list of all the things you'd like to have from our website.

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