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Return Items You Ordered

You can return many items sold on When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the Seller, item, or reason for return.

To return an item you've ordered please click

Note: If you need to print your return label, you can do this by going to Rücksendungen verwalten.

To return an item you ordered:
  1. Go to the Online-Rücksendezentrum, and click Artikel zurücksenden.
  2. Find the order you want to return, and click Artikel aus dieser Bestellung zurückschicken.

    Anmerkung: If you don't see the order you're looking for, select another option from the Im Überblick menu, and then click Los.

  3. Select the items you want to return.
  4. Enter the quantity of items, select an option from the Grund der Rücksendung menu. Feel free to add any additional information in the Anmerkungen box.
  5. To continue, do one of the following:
    • If the item was sold by select your return option.
    • If the item was sold by a Seller, click Zur Bestätigung senden.

    Anmerkung: Some Sellers may need to review your return request. After the Seller reviews the request, they'll provide a label or instructions on how to return your items. If you don't receive a response within two business days, you can submit an A-to-z Guarantee claim. For more information, go to About A-to-z Guarantee.

  6. Select your preferred return method.
  7. Print your label and return authorisation. Some returns won't require you to print a label or authorisation. If you don't have a printer when you're completing your return, you can print later (we'll e-mail you a link to your label) or you can have someone else print your label for you.
  8. Put the return authorisation inside of your package and attach the label to the outside.

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