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Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
von James C. Collins
Preis: EUR 16,14

5.0 von 5 Sternen The Keys to Success Are Different Than You Think, 29. März 1999
This is one of the most important business books written in the last decade. The characteristics defined to select the most successful companies are excellent measures of quantity and quality. The key idea, that success does not depend on having an early vision and charismatic leaders but on identity, culture and commitment to the company steer us into different paths for future success. It places the focus, not only on the executive team to set the tone, but on the hiring process and the freedom people are given to create. Executives who want their companies to stand the test of time cannot hire people who are "stalled" or foster a "stalled" culture. I am acutely aware of this since I just finished reading The 2,000 Percent Solution by Mitchell, Coles and Metz, which describes these stalls. The Bureaucracy Stall, for example describes a company that held a meeting to discuss the fact that they hold too many meetings! The Unattractiveness Stall describes a company that had huge excess waste and no one worked on the problem because the waste had a bad odor! Many companies today are not learning how to take advantage of the Internet, because they don't think it will effect their business much!. This is The Disbelief Stall Breaking down these stalls and developing a culture and identity to solve problems and make progress will result in success at many times what the historical trend has been. These companies do not make continuous but slow improvements. These companies will know how to jump to a new level. They will define how business is done, who will lead and how much progress can be achieved. Read Built To Last to understand the lessons of the past and the direction for the future. Read The 2,000 Percent Solution to learn how to incorporate these directions with a practical process to recreate or approach the ideal way to do what you do, freeing up time and resources to do so much more.

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