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Marty From SF "Marty From SF" (San Francisco/Oakland, CA.)

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Kiss and Tell Card Game: The Outrageous Party Game of Sexy Stories and Tall Tales
Kiss and Tell Card Game: The Outrageous Party Game of Sexy Stories and Tall Tales
von Thrusti Kicki Grabbi
Preis: EUR 21,00

5.0 von 5 Sternen Can You Tell A Good Story? I Can Make You!, 20. Dezember 2010
From the company that brought you Let's Play Doctor!: Dozens of Sexy Games and Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion comes an all new game that just might be slightly illegal! "Kiss And Tell" involves a lot of storytelling, meaning you start with the cards, and run with your imagination. Here's the jist. The point is to be verbally creative and win, um, `Orgasm Chits'. Getting ten chits wins the game. However you have to earn them. Let's say you pick an `Exotic Story' card. It might read, `Office Christmas Party'. `A lot of bubbly and some Christmas carol wonder these things get out of hand! You're at an office party - will you regret it in the morning?' Your job? Have a festive erotic experience. Tell us who, where and what! Award yourself 1 Orgasm Chit at the end of the encounter'. Yikes!

Another player can then play the `Reversal Card'. Immediately after a player tells an erotic story, you pull this card. `That's not what happened at all!' The other player's Twist Card is cancelled or reversed, and the Orgasm Chit they would've been rewarded is removed. Aw, geez!

Then there is the third card called the `Story Twist'. You get, `Keep Going'. After another player has seemingly finished their story, you pull this, `Sometimes it's so good you just won't want to stop.' Then that player must keep telling the story until you say it's okay to stop. You get awarded one Orgasm Chit. But wait! There's more! Here are some actual examples of stories told from a recent game of `Kiss And Tell'.

"There were midget mommas wearing strap on harnesses full of whipped cream, a glory hole that had a long blue tentacle with a lingerie fetish coming out of it trying to fondle women in the public restrooms in Bakersfield". "A human pup who got turned into a real pup and then dropped off at the pound (harsh!)", and "A ship full of female sex pirates with gorgeous mounds who captured one of the game participants and converted him from the priesthood into their personal slave boy".

The stories are as wild or mild as you want, but if you really, really want those Orgasm Chits, you gotta play hard and nasty. You learn a lot about your friends and it's always a blast. Even the shyest of players can shock you and that wild person that always bragging? Well, pull the `Reversal' or `Story Twist' card on them. Make them work for that chit. Sometimes you'll find that no one quite gets that tenth `Orgasm Chit'. Hmmm, I wonder why?

In the Wake of Poseidon (CD/Dvd-Audio)
In the Wake of Poseidon (CD/Dvd-Audio)
Preis: EUR 21,99

4 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen In The Wake of In The Court, 8. Dezember 2010
Following "In The Court Of The Crimson King", "In The Wake Of Poseidon" was all the more remarkable, in that it contained half of the original group. Songwriter Pete Sinfield now had nearly total lyrical control. "Poseidon" is peppered with more poetic and beautifully arranged songs than its predecessor, but also contains the stark urgency of that original.

"Peace-A Beginning", a sweet vocal/acoustic song opens and then transcends into the wild jazz infused "Pictures Of A City" where there are bridges and changes in momentum in less than eight minutes than on "In The Court's..." songs. There is a theme within this album as songs seem to alternate between calm, whimsical melodies to the urgent, almost frantic pace of some of King Crimson's best songs. This is proven again with the very pretty "Cadence And Cascade" before diving into the mellotron weighted title track, with great lyrics and the pre ELP vocals of Greg Lake. The very short "Peace-A Theme" is quickly followed by one of King Crimson's most bizarre songs (if that is possible), "Cat Food" marked with a seemingly non-sensical piano that bounces around like; well a cat running back and forth across the keys. Amazingly, this song was released as a single with "Groon" as the B-Side. It was an odd choice indeed.

"The Devil's Triangle" (Parts 1, 2 and 3) are a mesmerizing, haunting, almost fearsome trio of songs that push the edge of sanity on a mellotron with a marching drum beat. Part 1 introduces the listener to the original mood before a bridge of a computer-like foghorn pierces the song. Part 2 continues the pace with a second bridge with the simple banging of a `stick on rock'. Then all hell breaks loose on Part 3 with the tempo increasing and the occasional jazz input for emphasis and variety. About a minute into the 3rd part the band begins a true concoction of a random free-form of musical mayhem, including a great short harmony vocal from "In The Court of The Crimson King". Its musical madness until "Peace-An End" brings the album full circle with a calming melody and lyrics that seems to bring sanity back until the final fade-out.

The 2010 mix of "Groon" is included here which is a rock/jazz influence that can only be King Crimson, with the dichotomy of making no sense and total sense at once. Two extras on the CD are an alternate version of "Peace: An End" and a Greg Lake vocal of "Cadence And Cascade".

The DVD contains the entire album remixed by Steven Wilson in 5.1 from the original studio master (note that "The Devil's Triangle" was painstakingly remixed from a stereo version). Along with the 5.1, there is the Lossless 2010 Stereo Mix, The original 1970 stereo mix (the 30th Anniversary remaster) and some great bonus tracks. The single version of "Cat Food" is here, along with three versions of "Cadence And Cascade", three versions of "Groon" (take 1, take 5 and take 15 for those who need all the details), the rehearsed version of "The Devil's Triangle" and an alternate mix of "Peace An End".

King Crimson actually matches if not tops itself with this 40th anniversary edition with more music and great liner notes again, by Sid Smith.

Islands (CD/Dvd-Audio)
Islands (CD/Dvd-Audio)
Preis: EUR 21,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen An Unlikely Cohesion Of Songs, 5. Dezember 2010
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Islands (CD/Dvd-Audio) (DVD-Audio)
Released after "Lizard", founder Robert Fripp was said to have been exhausted and unsure whether he could carry on with another album. Indeed, "Islands" is one of the more fragmented, yet diverse albums to that date. The original six songs seem to be contradictory in their inclusion. From the start of "Formentera Lady", a laid back bluesy number to the final, beyond mellow extended title track. "Formentera Lady" seamlessly melds into "Sailor's Tale" through a simple edit of cymbals. On the album, you can hear the cymbal edit from one channel to both, but editor master Steven Wilson has crafted yet another masterpiece with this album. "Sailor's Tale" begins with an amazing guitar piece by Fripp which sounds as if the guitar is completely out of tune, sequencing into one of the fastest and manic instrumentals yet. The beat with the mellotron is urgently blasted forth with a wind down of Fripp's unique frazzled guitar sound.

"The Letters" is an odd song for King Crimson (is that possible?), with evil lyrics by Pete Sinfield and Fripp, which has a wild bridge blast of guitar and jazzy brass ending with a bold vocal. But it is "Ladies Of The Road" that sparks intense lyrics of misogyny. Often hilarious in its blatant rhyme, the song still bounces along with tongue in cheek sarcasm. "All of you that the girls of the road, are like apples we stole in our youth" and "Stone-headed Frisco spacer, ate all the meat I gave her, said would I like to taste hers, and even craved the flavour". The lyrics are just a side track for the bands free-style. The band has fun alternating between the vocals and the sultry, salacious jazz sections. It's actually a series of bridges with various moods and inventive solos.

What follows is one of King Crimson's most perplexing songs I can imagine. "Prelude: Song Of The Gulls" would seem out of place, if it were not King Crimson. This beautifully created instrumental chamber piece is actually a highlight and emphasizes the near schizophrenic collection of songs on the album. But it's the ten-minute title track that brings the album to a beautiful close. Slowly building from a calm, patient beginning, the song glides along with an amazing cornet solo. Pete Sinfield's lyrics are some of his best on this song. It's a fitting ending to an inventive, if uneven album.

Sid Smith sleeve notes reveal a great deal about the mood of the group at this time. There are also extra tracks and alternate versions. The CD presents a complete stereo remix by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp alongside a group of additional tracks representing an almost complete alternate album of studio takes, run-throughs and mixes. The DVD-A presents a complete 5.1 surround sound mix by Steven Wilson, in which he sometimes isolates instruments to one channel bringing out the clarity and resonance. Also here is a hi-res stereo version of the 2010 mix, a hi-res stereo version of the original album mix taken from the 30th anniversary master source and almost 90 minutes of additional material. Most of this material has never been previously released, including many studio takes mixed from the original recording sessions specifically for this release. Once again, Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp have reproduced a remarkable series of sessions and brought "Islands" back to life.

Band on the Run Deluxe Edition
Band on the Run Deluxe Edition

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Amazing Collection!, 8. November 2010
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Band on the Run Deluxe Edition (Audio CD)
There are so many reissues on the market lately and Paul McCartney's "Band On The Run" is one of the latest, being offered in several different combinations. Considering that this was a #1 record breaking album and a real critical and commercial success for McCartney and Wings, it bears to get any great treatment. This version has the original album carefully remastered at Abbey Roads Studios without too much compression and not a complete removal of original album hiss, to truly produce a fine sounding, original recording that comes as close to vinyl as possible.

Although "Band On The Run" and Jet " were chosen for the singles, there is little doubt that every song qualified. Paul Gambaccini provides extensive sleeve notes about the recording including, Paul's history from leaving the Beatles and progressing to this album. Like the songs, this album is an adventure. The liner notes describe which songs were chosen and why, the songs history, the trip to record in Lagos, Nigeria and more. Want to know who those strangers on the cover really re? Paul G. fills you in.

The second CD contains the hit, "Helen Wheels" and "Country Dreamer", all sounding fantastic. The remaining seven songs are from a special called "One Hand Clapping" and although these are live recordings with slightly different arrangements, the sound quality is remarkably good. That brings us to the DVD or `bonus film". Remembering that this audio and video is over twenty-seven years old does not diminish the enjoyment or aesthetic quality. At a running time of 1 hour and 24+, minutes, there is a lot to celebrate. Most of the videos are artistic/psychedelic in nature and surprisingly, not as dated as one would think. Included are song videos, promos and the full version of the special, "One Hand Clapping".

Amazon does not provide all the songs, so here is the set:

Band On The Run (music video)
Muminia (music video)
Album Promo with, `Band On The Run', 'Mr.'s Vandebilt', `Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five' and `Bluebird'.
Helen Wheels (music video)
Video clip called, "Wings in Lagos" (surreal)
Video history filming of `Osterley Park' (all the album cover members)
The "One Hand Clapping" show including:
`C Moon'
`Little Woman Love'
`Maybe I'm Amazed'
`My Love'
`Let's Love'
`I'll Give You A Ring'
`Band On The Run'
`Live And Let Die' (hilariously filmed with an odd orchestra reacting in an irreverent manner)
`Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five'

Of course, all of Linda McCartney's Polaroid snapshots are here looking a bit dated, but still a good account of who was there and what was happening. This collection was a lot more than I expected - it's a deal and an experience!

Panasonic HM-TA1EG-H Full HD Mobilkamera (4-fach digitaler Zoom, 5,1 cm (2 Zoll) Display, 8 MP Digitalfotos, Full HD-Videos) anthrazit
Panasonic HM-TA1EG-H Full HD Mobilkamera (4-fach digitaler Zoom, 5,1 cm (2 Zoll) Display, 8 MP Digitalfotos, Full HD-Videos) anthrazit

4 von 8 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
3.0 von 5 Sternen Great Video Quality - Delicate Construction, 1. November 2010
This is Panasonics answer to the FLIP Video and it surpasses and falls short at the same time. First, the quality of the videos is remarkable. Automatically set at the highest default of 1920 X 1080, on a 4GB card you can record 40 minutes. With an 8GB card, you can record 1 hour and 20 minutes. Honestly, unless you are making a movie project, keep it at the high default, as shorter videos tend to be less boring. The 'menu screen' is very intuitive for both Video and Camera. The camera settings should always be at 8M (8 megapixels/the default) which will give a perfectly fine quality photo. A poster it won't make, but a 10 X 12 is easily possible. The software is very easy to use and one of the best features is the capability to record a video and come back later and extract an individual shot from motion. When taking pictures in low light, there is a button that turns on a bright light that is alarmingly effective. Playback of video and photos is clean, crisp and easy on a nice screen the same size as a Flip Video's. The special effects function allows you to record in 'monochrome', 'sepia' or 'soft skin'. Another very cool feature for real electronic buffs is that this camera has SKYPE capabilities, so if you plug it onto your computer Playback of video and photos is easily done on a good size screen (same size as a Flip Video) you can talk to other SKYPE users.

Now for the not so great features - the construction of the camera. There are three access panels on the sides of the camera for:
1) Battery and SDHC card
2) An external A/V port
3) The USB port for access to your computer.
These are thin plastic pieces that attach only with a thin plastic loop and can easily break. Once in place, they are secure, but this is probably the biggest flaw.

Having to use an external cord to connect the USB port to your computer is just an extra unneeded hassle, but then again, I've been concerned about hanging a Flip Video on a horizontal USB computer port. Like most compact video/cameras, there is a mono microphone and speaker. Not a big deal.

Other important points to make is that you really need an (Secure Digital High Capacity) SDHC card Transcend 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS8GSDHC6. This guarantees the ultimate in quality and performance. This is the only item not included in the package and they are not cheap.

Watching your videos and photos on your television (flat screen is awesome) or computer is a thrill when you witness the clarity. I do enjoy this camera and feel guilty to give it only 3 stars, but the construction of the access doors, the extra cord for computer connection and the non-inclusion of an SDHC card were the tipping points. Considering the price, it can still be considered a bargain. I suspect Panasonic will release a newer version that will blow away the competition.

Flip UltraHD Pocket-Camcorder (2-fach digital Zoom, 5,1 cm (2 Zoll) Display, 8 GB Flash Memory) schwarz
Flip UltraHD Pocket-Camcorder (2-fach digital Zoom, 5,1 cm (2 Zoll) Display, 8 GB Flash Memory) schwarz

1 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Yes, It Really Is Better!, 1. November 2010
I have had the first version of Flip for two years. This latest model is amazing in its improvements. Two hours is way too much time needed, as I found I used up one hour over several months, but more is sometimes better. The big improvement I found was the image stabilization. You can literally run with this camera and there is little if any `bounce'. There is barely even a blur - I have no idea how they did this, but it is cool. Not to mention that this version shoots 60fps (frames per second)!

Unlike the earlier versions, the RED record button is large and easily handled. The older versions were tough to operate. With literally only (7) buttons to use, you could practically use this in the dark. (I will note that there is little improvement in the zoom functions). The 8 GB of built-in memory does away with any SD cards that can be lost or damaged. The removable lithium battery pack lasts linger that the AA batteries and for backup, there is room for (3) AAA batteries (Caution - lithium only).

The Flip attachment for your computer's USB port is a little easier to handle and I'm no longer concerned about it breaking off accidentally. The software is fantastic and so easy to use. You can drag/drop/edit, email directly, send to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, create a movie and pull a snapshot from it and more. It also has a left-sided dialogue box that lists shortcuts to your favorites, lists ALL your videos on your computer, lists all videos Sent or Received and of course, a link to the Flip store for more accessories.

I read on this Amazon site that in the near future, there will be an HDMI cable so you can watch your videos on your flat screen TV and at the HD 720p (1280 X 720) or 60 frames per second, the quality is great. I've burned a disc and watched it already.

It's so nice to have an all inclusive camera without flimsy access doors, tough to use buttons and experimental features. Flip keeps getting better and better. In fact, I used my Flip to record a video review for the Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Dark Grey). I liked the Flip better!

Transcend TS8GSDHC6 SDHC 8GB Speicherkarte Class 6
Transcend TS8GSDHC6 SDHC 8GB Speicherkarte Class 6
Wird angeboten von Fortuna Trade
Preis: EUR 13,70

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5.0 von 5 Sternen As Easy As I Can Explain This!, 30. Oktober 2010
I have always used SD Cards (Secure Digital) for my cameras, so when I purchased the Panasonic HM-TA1 Video Camera, I was surprised to learn I needed an SDHC card (Secure Digital High Capacity) card. What is the difference? SDHC cost a lot more, but they must be doing something special. Here's the gist:

SDHC - Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards are flash memory cards with a minimum capacity of 4GB (gigabytes). SDHC cards are the same size as an ordinary SD Card - about the size of a postage stamp.

Secure Digital Cards have been around for almost a decade and SDHC Cards are a newer version developed for use with digital cameras and other devices that don't just require a higher capacity card, but also one that comes with higher performance. Here is something I found on Wikipedia: "SDHC cards are designed for devices that are compatible with the SD 2.00 specification. Products designed exclusively to support previous SD specifications 1.0 and 1.1 will not be able to utilize SDHC cards".

This is confusing (kind of), but you can use an SDHC card as a SD card, but not the other way around.

There is also a new feature out - "Classification of Data Transfer Speed (DTS)".

SD cards can record video up to 40X (6MB/Sec), but it starts slow (like, 0.1 MB/Sec) and then increases to 6MB/Sec (40X speed). It is an average speed recording. However, an SDHC card starts and finished at 6MB/Sec - 40x Speed, but has a top speed of 20MB/Sec - 133x Speed. That means your video is very clear and crisp on that high resolution flat screen!

Of course, the SDHC cards are more expensive than SD cards, but you get a far better quality.

I found that I had anything from a 512 MB SD card to an 8 MB SD card. There just was no point in having all these loose cards. Now with an SDHC, I can record more video at a higher quality and capacity. So it's worth the money in the end. You can get NEW cards at a cheaper price on Amazon, but I would advise against getting a used card. Like the adage goes, "You just don't know where that thing has been!"

Sings Moody Blues Classics
Sings Moody Blues Classics

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5.0 von 5 Sternen 12 Years On, 16. Oktober 2010
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Sings Moody Blues Classics (Audio CD)
If you enjoy the Moody Blues and their orchestration, you'll completely enjoy this collection. It's a nice collection of ballads, mid-tempo and rock songs, sung not just by Justin Hayward, but by vocal artist Michael Sadler and Shaun Williamson of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. The Frankfurt Rock Orchestra provides the orchestration, which are actually the members of the Prague Symphonic Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. But surprise! This is simply a remixed version of the 1994 release, Classic Moody Blues. Its quality is far better however. Hayward sings six of the songs, all of them being slower in tempo like, "Running Water" and "Voices In The Sky". Sadler takes on the more mid-tempo hits like, "Your Wildest Dreams" and the majestic "Nights In White Satin". Leave the rest of the harder rockers of "Question" and "Isn't Life Strange" to Shaun Williamson. Both `friends' have great voices and it's interesting to hear another interpretation of these classics.

Fortunately, I never tire of the Moody Blues in any form, but this does bring up the issue of many of the older bands releasing rehashed versions of older music over and over again. Hayward is not as guilty, as he presents new interpretations, but how many compilations of "Moody Blues" greatest hits is out there? Take a look at any artist being produced from Rhino Records and you'll see the newer, latest releases of the older, old ones. Another Hayward release that will please many fans is Classic Blue, which covers a variety of popular this from the sixties and seventies. All of them are in orchestral format.

Kein Titel verfügbar

5.0 von 5 Sternen My Mouse Pad Looked And Smelled Like An Old Sneaker!, 29. September 2010
Have you really looked at your mouse pad lately? If it looks anything like mine, its stained, grungy and soiled from sweat, dirt and coffee. It's kind of disgusting. So why did I wait so damn long to get a cheap clean mouse pad?

Most mouse pads are foamy, which are comfortable but cannot be cleaned easily and they tend to soak up water. 3M (the Scotch Tape people) have invented this simple comfortable mouse pad that should last a while. It's completely waterproof, has a large area for your mouse (textured for traction) and a leatherette wrist rest that is cushiony and set just right so you wrist Is not bent while using your mouse. Inside the wrist pad is a gel that is extremely comfortable.

The pad itself is "antimicrobial', which means that it will inhibit the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that cause stains, odors and product degradation. When I read that, I smelled my old pad and it stank like an old sneaker. I'm serious - an old sneaker! Get yourself a nice mouse pad that you can clean and keep around for a while. I mean, clean up a bit. I even alcohol wiped my mouse, I was so grossed out.

Logitech K200 Tastatur USB schnurgebunden schwarz (deutsches Tastaturlayout, QWERTZ)
Logitech K200 Tastatur USB schnurgebunden schwarz (deutsches Tastaturlayout, QWERTZ)

1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Logitech Comes Through Again!, 25. September 2010
Most keyboards are pretty much the same now unless you want to drop a great deal of money. I was perfectly happy with my (relatively cheap) Acer keyboard. However, I have a lot of Logitech devices and I am never disappointed with any of them. In fact, I have had the same Logitech gaming mouse for seven years.

The Logitech K200 looks much like any keyboard, but has a few more features that make it worth owning. Besides the standard keyboard layout, they supply you with an eight additional keys at the top. From here, you can pause or play your music, mute it and increase/decrease the volume all at one touch. You can also return to "home", go to Email, put your PC to `sleep' mode or pop-up a convenient calculator at any time. In fact, you can have several calculators going at once.

As far as quiet keys, they certainly don't click like others and are comfortable. The contrast of white against a black background is fairly typical of most keyboards, however. The design looks the same in plan view, but is very thin from the side. Design oriented people might like this sleekness, but it simply aesthetic. Now here's something nice and new. If you spill that 'pina colada' on your keyboard, instead of going out and buying a new keyboard, this one has a drainage system that collects all the fluid and dumps it out five drainage holes on the bottom. Now that's simple, but kind of cool.

It's simple, convenient, new and very reasonably priced. Logitech always comes through.

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