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Marty From SF "Marty From SF" (San Francisco/Oakland, CA.)

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American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us
American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us
von Jesse Ventura
Preis: EUR 14,23

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5.0 von 5 Sternen American History Explained and Questioned, 5. August 2011
Jesse Ventura is a real American who has a lot of questions. Packed into this book are some of the most disturbingly unsolved governmental mysteries of our country. He dives into dozens of stories that we all have known about and in many cases did not know about. One of the most intriguing is the assassination of President Lincoln. What we were taught in school is just a scratch of the surface. Mr. Ventura goes into detail about the conspiracy that surrounded Lincoln's entire Presidency. Robert Redford's recent movie "The Conspirator" is a perfect example of how intricate the story is. There is plenty more, including the J. F. Kennedy and R. F. Kennedy assassinations as well as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and more. Other heady stories include the Jonestown massacre; something we thought we all knew about. However, Mr. Ventura brings new light to the matter and the more he explains, the more you start to question what you thought you knew. The media is not 'all-telling'. Stolen elections of the last decade 'plus' are given a solid review here as well, showing that our government is no more trustworthy than any other. Of particular fascination to me was his expansive questions about 9/11, with almost too many questions about Building Seven, how the towers really might have fallen, who knew what, why was the Pentagon left with that circular hole, not befitting the crash of a jetliner, why NORAD was in Greenland that day, etc. Even Jesse Ventura was "investigated" by a mysterious group from Washington after he was elected governor - an almost humorous confrontation when he turns the tables on them.

Each subject is organized into three parts: The Incident, The Official Word and My Take (or Jesse Ventura's analysis). All topics are well researched and the questions he brings up are nearly mind boggling in their obviousness. Why didn't Americans ask questions? Why would the government cover up anything? What is to be gained from such cover-ups? This is the kind of book that should be required reading in high school, if only for the facts and truth about each incident. Some might think Jesse Ventura to be paranoid, but if he is, he has good reason. This book is a fast and amazing read. There really are very few books quite like it. Even if you are not a 'conspiracy theory' fan, you'll at least learn a lot more about America's history. The only thing I found frustrating about the book, is that it raises so many seemingly unanswerable questions. But as Jesse Ventura explains, these are the kinds of things Americans need to know about. Our government is not what it always wants us to see it as. 'Vigilance' and 'questioning' is as American as apple pie.

Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition
Psychic Intelligence: Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition
von Terry Jamison
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 25,37

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A Guide To Your Sixth Sense, 5. August 2011
Terry and Linda Jamison are two of the most popular psychics known today. This book is not much on their amazing history of predictions as one might think, but on their methods. One of the first things they explain in their book is knowing the difference between real psychics and those who are false. Beyond that, the book is a series of methods of improving your own inner psychic abilities through mediation, simple work exercises and self-awareness. At first the book may seem like another simple self-help guide, but its far more than that. The Jamison twins calmly and simply explain how you can expand and strengthen your own innate psychic self.

One of the areas I found very insightful were what they call the "Four Clairs". These are:
Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing
Clairaudience - Clear Hearing
Claircognizance - Clear Knowing
Clairsentience - Clear Feeling

These are all basic senses we all already have. But improving on them helps one to trust your gut feelings or your intuition; things we all have. The delivery of these observations and exercises is almost too matter-of-fact, which makes it all the more compelling. It's like a personal conversation. I can highly recommend this to anyone interested in tapping into that sixth sense, intuition or whatever you prefer to call it. The book is all about "becoming your most authentic self". If it seems simple; it's because it is. But you probably already knew that?

Corel Painter / v12 / Windows, Mac / englisch / CD
Corel Painter / v12 / Windows, Mac / englisch / CD

5 von 7 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen Pricey But Limitless, 1. August 2011
This is my first Corel Painter software and although I have loved painting with oils and watercolors (which is a tough medium for me); I really wanted to see what digital offerings this program had. It downloads quickly and comes with a thorough hardcover 112 page manual. The Menu bar setup is confusing at first, but if you've used any program like Windows Media or Paint, you'll catch on. The Menu bar gives you all the pull down options, a Brush Selector bar, Property bar, Recent brushes bar, Navigator panel, Layers panel, Channels panel, Mixed pad panel, Papers panel, Paper Libraries panel, Toolbox, Brush library panel, Temporal Color palette and Canvas. This sounds like a lot, but they are all described in detail for each use.

The Basics section tells you how to create documents, from a blank canvas with options to change document size, resolution type, color of the canvas and texture of the canvas. Corel advises you to start with a photo to transform it into a painting. You can place brush strokes on `layers', meaning you can protect the canvas from an unwanted changes. Remember this is all digital. If you are fond of watercolor or Liquid ink, you can only use one layer unfortunately. However, the watercolor option is very cool, with the color bleeding into the `digital' water, which you can easily control. The mimicking of real paint is remarkable. Mirror and Kaleidoscope painting modes are fun.

The selection, management and creation of brushes are full of possibilities and options. Some of the categories include acrylics, airbrushes, chalk, crayons charcoal, watercolor erasers (these allow you to darken or lighten colors) F/X, Gel, Gouache (combination of watercolors and acrylics - a nice mixed media option), oils, pencil, pens, markers, and on and on.

I found setting up a `rough sketch' was fun, always allowing you to add color, texture while zooming in on certain areas. When you take a break, all your work is easily stored and easily retrieved. The final results can be as detailed or loose as you want. There are examples in the book that show everything from cartoons, to Andrew Wyeth detail to Norman Rockwell precision. Don't be intimidated by these. Your own creativity can be found by experimenting with your favorite topic. Although digital can never replace to true color, texture and warmth a real piece of artwork contains, it sure comes close and this program allows you to get your `design on' for further creativity. I don't see this as a replacement at all - it's a valuable tool for practicing your intuitive talents on a computer. I truly never thought I'd see the day when such precision could be had digitally.

I do want to add that this works best on a computer with high RAM, processing and storage capabilities and the price is a bit high, but I imagine that will come down soon.

Robin Gibb in Concert
Robin Gibb in Concert
DVD ~ Robin Gibb
Preis: EUR 4,99

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3.0 von 5 Sternen Bee Gees By Robin Gibb, 15. Juli 2011
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Robin Gibb in Concert (DVD)
Four years after Robin Gibb's Concert with the Frankfurt Philharmonic Orchestra, Robin returns performing from Denmark with the Danish National Concert Orchestra. Without much fanfare, Robin and his band start right into, "More Than A Woman", bringing the audience into the excitement. The songs continue with the typical Robin Gibb flair but there is not much new from the 2005 concert DVD, other than a few new songs. Most notably is "Alan Freeman Days" which is probably the highlight of the concert. "Islands In The Stream" is also a new live song and proves the audience is appreciative of its inclusion, but the spark is simply not there. "New York Mining Disaster 1941" is also here, but in its original form and not as exciting a new interpretation that it was given on the previous DVD. It is fortunate to hear Robins voice in the forefront and separated from the three excellent female back-up vocalists, but there is a question that begs answering. Did Robin use computer altered singing in the final mix? At times it does seem that his voice has that "Glee" style, but then again, Robin's vibrato has always been steady and unique. I would have said there is none until I heard, "Juliet". Its sounds just like he was singing a Glee song. Even the percussionist looks at him several times as if he were out of tune. No matter. He still sends out a good song. One thing that is missing is the standard earphone or the classic Robin hand-clasp to the ear. He does have five speakers that send his vocals directly back to him onstage, but is that enough? It isn't until the final song that the uses his hand for sound balance.

It should be noted that this concert is about one-half hour shorter than the previous DVD. It also does not have as much of the earlier interpretations that the other DVD had, other than a few minor alternate song endings. Also missing are the songs, "Please", "Love Hurts" and "My Lover's Prayer", all songs that added a unique atmosphere to a public audience of adoring fans. It is interesting to hear "You Should Be Dancing" sung in a normal ranged voice and have it come off as a strong concert song, but "Jive Talkin'" lacks the funkiness of the original.

The grounds and day concert atmosphere of the Ledreborg Castle is impressive with a large audience. There is not a great deal of performer/audience interaction, but as a total entity, the concert works. It's just a shame that there are no extras. The biggest disappointment is that although the DVD claims to be in DTS Digital Surround Sound, it is only in stereo. This is a technical item that is nearly unforgivable, particularly considering the expansive concert grounds and audience.

Sealife Maxx Duo Set SL 710
Sealife Maxx Duo Set SL 710

5.0 von 5 Sternen Ultimate In Scuba Photography (And Land), 29. Juni 2011
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Sealife Maxx Duo Set SL 710 (Camera)
I found this camera kit to be the ultimate in what I was looking for including all the accessories one could want. The basic setup consists of the Sealife camera, camera housing, the strobe and the video light. Each of these can be purchased separately. I recommend buying this kit. If you purchase the Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera, you'll save a few hundred dollars, but will not get the necessary hard shell case or any of the accessories. The case you'll get is of a loose yellow un-protective fabric.

In the housing, the camera has two simple buttons on top; one for on/off and one to switch from photo mode to video mode. The Sealife 12 Megapixel 5X Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD screen Underwater/Land Camera is the brains of this operation, with an easy setup that allows you to set it to Underwater or Land. If Underwater, then choose Camera+Flash (for use with strobe) or Camera only. Then select Snorkeling or Diving. If Snorkeling, then select <25 feet or Diving select > 25 feet. You can also adjust the Diving strobe for External Flash Auto or Manual mode. There are also detail settings for green or blue water and at < or > 25 feet. These are your automatic white balance settings. The camera also has a unique `spy mode' where you can set the camera on a small tripod or steady surface and set the timer interval in order to capture that elusive sea creature. There is a function to record a subject onto an existing background image, combing shots of two people into a single image and a setting for a Panorama Mode! The latter uses a program called Arcsoft Panorama Maker 4.0 to allow you to stitch a panoramic photo together!

The shutter button is meant to be pressed halfway until a green square appears, assuring you that the picture is in focus. Full shutter pressing takes the picture. The camera really is set up just like any other `point and shoot' camera, but within the housing it has five large easy buttons (Play, Menu, Flash, Focus, Delete) that handle all the underwater functions you need. It is easy enough to do it without focusing too much on the buttons - after a while you can easily work them on night dives. There is a function for color lens as well including nine settings (usually set to Standard, but the Sepia tone is handy as well as all the standard colors. I had fun setting it to sepia while night diving with nurse sharks).

The video is so easy. Simply press the small button on top to switch from camera mode to video mode, press the shutter button and you are off. The SeaLife Universal Underwater Photo / Video Light adds a huge amount of light for cloudy days and at night, makes for an incredibly powerful light, stronger and with a wider circular perimeter distance than any typical night light. The light itself can easily be removed completely from the camera kit by unscrewing a plastic/metal rod or you can temporarily detach it from the flexible arm with the push of a button to shine it into cavities or holes where creatures are hiding. In fact, you can use it simply as a night diving light. It works on four AA batteries in a compact, waterproof capsule. The light is emitted from three powerful bulbs which cause enough diffusion to not over flash your subject. Batteries last several hours so there is minimal need to change them out. There is a button on the back of the light which allows you to adjust the brightness to three different intensities. For the photographing expert, you can pre-adjust the interior modules of the light by changing three small white toggle switches. There is an option of a flashing `beacon' light as well. The entire video arm is encased within a rubber covering, still providing for extreme flexibility.

The entire light is encased is strong firm black rubber for durability. Comparatively, this video light is monetarily comparable to any others on the market. As I mentioned, the camera can be used without the housing for Land use, but is great during humid or rainy days as well.

The Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera provides excellent amounts of light for underwater photography whether with one flash as with this kit or with two as with the SeaLife DC1200 MAXX 12MP Digital Underwater Camera & Dual Strobe Packa. The Flash strobe is sealed with a `close latch' and a `lock' for extra protection. The Flash is linked to the camera with an optical cable to the external flash. Without the external flash, you can simply remove the flash and the optical cable camera adapter for use as well. Two Velcro ties keep the optical cable attached to the flash arm. Like the Video light, the Flash arm is built on a flexible arm firmly covered with a rubber encasement. The back of the Flash has a ten-digit dial from Brightness to Darkness that you can adjust to your needs. I found simply using the Auto Mode worked fine in most cases. The `diffuser' over the light allows for prevention of over-flash or `hot -spots'. Like the Strobe, the Digital Pro Flash uses four AA batteries that last several dives or more.

Extras that you receive in this kit along with the SeaLife Deluxe Hard Travel Case are a Sealife SL970 Wide Angle Lens that fits snugly onto the camera (or detaches for storage under the video light arm, several international plugs (have not found a use for these yet), two rechargeable battery kits for AA and AAA batteries so you'll always have fresh batteries (to be honest, I only used fresh Duracell batteries, finding them to last a bit longer than recharged ones), a buoyancy weight that attaches to the arm carriage, a camera battery recharger, cables for computer and television use and extra O-rings with lubricant and an O-ring removal tool. The extras are stored in a long rectangular zippered bag that fits in the case and the wide angle lens and other smaller accessories have their own storage foam cut-out.

I will admit that for me this was a lot of information to learn and I didn't get it all on the first week of diving. Now I am very satisfied with this amazing kit knowing I will never have to purchase another. I do want to share a valuable story. At first the pictures I took were blurry, out of focus or washed out. The green focus square was tough to acquire with pushing the button down halfway, so I was disappointed at first. I contacted "Cameta Camera" about these issues and they refused to even look at the camera or discuss the matter, stating that since I had used the camera in the water, I voided the warranty. Now what kind of "BS" is that? Read the warranties on anything electronic you purchase before you buy it. I then contacted "Sealife" and not only did they pay for shipping the kit back to the east coast, but they checked everything out, ran all the housing under a pressuring test, found I had a minor amount of corrosion on the Digital Pro Flash (my fault) and the shutter button was not exactly perfect. So they replaced the housing of the camera and the Digital Pro Flash at no cost to me! They also included a detailed collection of photos they took of my camera kit showing what they found with detailed notes and sent it back to me for my own education. That is what I call great customer service - something you don't see very often. That alone should give one confidence in any Sealife product.

Sealife WW-Vorsatz 24 mm MC SL 970
Sealife WW-Vorsatz 24 mm MC SL 970

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Proprietary Lens, 6. Juni 2011
This lens is proprietary for Sealife cameras. It does increase your field of view by 50% and easily snaps on and off your Sealife camera underwater. This is critical, as you will get a blurry line of bubble if you don't release all the air between the lens and camera. On some of the Sealife models, there is a convenient `hatch' where you can temporarily slide your lens into and keep it firmly attached. This 24-mm lens is of high quality optical glass but there are only two issues that troubled me. There is a rubber gasket or ring around the outside of the lens that is thin and loosely attached. Its use is not readily apparent. The big problem I found that although you get 50% more image, you also get rounded black corners, giving the look of your photo or video like it was shot through a telescope. I'd recommended viewing one in person before buying it. It is of good quality.

Sealife Trockenmittel-Satz 10 Patronen SL 911
Sealife Trockenmittel-Satz 10 Patronen SL 911
Wird angeboten von Tauchsport Gläßer
Preis: EUR 10,04

3 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Save Your Expensive Equipment!, 4. Juni 2011
Although there are many types of moisture absorbers out there, I found these to work extremely well. You have nice camera equipment (camera, housing, strobe, video light, etc.) that all can trap moisture and severely damage your electronic equipment - even overnight. I like these moisture munchers as they are made of hard clear plastic with the ends open to air circulation. The material inside will absorb any moisture in your electronic device and keep it dry, even for long periods of time. If you own an underwater camera, these inexpensive moisture munchers are critical to own. Simply place one in your device after you are done using it or when you are going to place it in storage. The munchers will change color when it no longer is useful. There is just no reason to risk damaging your valuable equipment when these inexpensive and useful munchers can be used.

Let It Roll-the Songs of George Harrison
Let It Roll-the Songs of George Harrison
Preis: EUR 16,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A Grand Collection!, 18. Mai 2011
This latest collection of George Harrison's spectacular musical history contains the most popular hits of his career. To be noted, there are some hits that are excluded, but are available on other Harrisons Collections such as, 'Best of' and 'Best of Dark Horse'. The best part of this disc is the fantastic remastering done by Giles Martin at EMI's Abbey Road Studio; the birthplace of the Beatles. Expert Warren Zanes has extensive liner notes that reveal the heart and soul of George Harrison and some insights into his person and music. Zanes notes that George Harrison has twice been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both as a solo artist and as a Beatles member. Also included are the amazing mentions of Harrison's eleven (11) Grammy awards from the Beatles, his solo work and 'The Traveling Wilbury's'.

This collection spans George Harrison's entire solo recording career, including the #1 singles "My Sweet Lord," "Isn't It A Pity," "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)," and "Got My Mind Set On You." The collection also includes three live recordings of Harrison-penned Beatles songs, including, "Something," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," and "Here Comes The Sun." from Concert for Bangladesh the 1971 all-concert benefit at Madison Square Garden. Five of the songs are from Harrisons groundbreaking triple album, 'All Things Must Pass [BOXED EDITION]'.

For the true fan, there are dozens and dozens of album cut gems from other albums in Harrison's tremendous career.

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A Great Bargain Mouse, 12. Mai 2011
I still have my Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 (which is a solid, heavy-duty device), but decided to buy this smaller mouse for my laptop. After using it for my laptop, I bought another one for my desktop, replacing the gaming mouse. It's just more convenient, easier to use and its wireless. Sure it's comfortable, but I really like the Nano-receiver that simply sits in your USB port unnoticeably. The connection never drops out with the AA battery and I can always leave the mouse `on', as the battery automatically shuts off when it sits for a while. The best part is it's so inexpensive, even with perfect tracking. My gaming mouse was about five times the price. If you want to spend an extra ten dollars, you can get a Logitech Wireless Mouse M510 with the `unifying' feature, meaning you only need to use one Nano-receiver in one USB port, freeing up your other ports.

I have tried this mouse on my ACER desktop and my Dell laptop. Both worked perfectly.

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1.0 von 5 Sternen Bee Gees By Wikipedia, 13. April 2011
This is one strange book. It is both detailed and impossibly omissive. It is obvious from the first page that all the material is taken from Wikipedia and going directly to the `Article Sources and Contributors', it is proven true. Initially it looks like a good summary of the Bee Gees career. There is a general overview of the Bee Gees history which is directly from Wikipedia (which is not always a perfect source of information). The band members are given their own biography (Colin Peterson and Vince Melouney included), but it is limited to only the band members from 1967 through 1969! There are no biographies of the later band members (other than in song and album credits). These were the artists during the second wave of success from 1975-1980 with Blue Weaver, Dennis Bryon and Alan Kendall. It isn't even mentioned that Alan Kendall had been the lead guitarist since 1971 until you dig around. And since 1980 there is no mention of any such band members at all other than in the credits. These are the session musicians that worked with the Bee Gees since the `ESP' album of 1987 to present who deserve a decent nod as well.

The discography is nice showing the highest ranking of albums in the USA and UK, as is the world-wide single charts positions by country. There is also a fairly good overview of each of the albums with specific details and the Bee Gees most successful songs. But there is one big omission that left me pole-axed. Under the Bee Gees Discography, the studio and live albums are charted showing the Year, Chart Positions and Sales numbers. But the column for the title of the album is completely blank! It is simply blank! You have to guess which album it might be by the year. This is obviously a huge oversight and one that really hurts the book's validity. And did 'Mr. Natural' peak at #198 or #178? This is what you get from Wikipedia. If you want the real stories straight from people who worked and met the Bee Gees, you should read The Bee Gees: Tales of the Brothers Gibb. If you want some verified copy written information on albums and songs, GOOGLE "GibbSongs" by Joe Brennan. By the way, I returned my book.

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