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D.N.Wijewardane (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

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Donau - Lebensader Europas
Donau - Lebensader Europas
DVD ~ Michael Schlamberger
Preis: EUR 14,99

5.0 von 5 Sternen An enchanting, lyrical documentary that brings out reality!, 25. Februar 2014
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This blu ray documentary on the Danube from its source to end simply sets standards, in my view, akin to the best global productions of the BBC that I have hitherto enjoyed.

Danube - the Life Line of Europe (if this is a correct translation) really is 5 stars by every criteria. The film quality is crystal clear HD, astonishingly so when an eagle shakes his head...; the English narration is excellent - in intelligently scripted substance as well as narrator's tone and delivery (-not just a German English "translation"); the wild life and environmental audio sound is very naturally presented and not drowned out by dramatic musical overtones - except for the very tastefully articulated waltzes and classical interludes that play in juxtaposition to the beautifully filmed animal and landscape sequences. Music is very effectively used - as befits the Danube countries !

The documentary's filming shows many striking perspectives of landscapes which I enjoyed and know in reality - unusual and enchanting... It meanders, in the nicest way possible - like the Danube, through the countries through which the river flows and there are some positive modern messages that also come out (not just the usual environmental drama).

Living in Vienna, the documentary for me is actually an eye opener to the greater extent of this river - beyond Austria - and the different characters it plays...beyond the stereotypical "Blue Danube"... The blu ray alas comes in only two chapters but the quality of this production really leaves you asking for even more. I would have liked perhaps abit more history and maybe a little more of lives along the river.

Highly recommended. People who would appreciate the production quality of "Wild Russia", "Earth Flight" and also the BBC's "Africa" and "Wild China" would much enjoy this. I think this is a superior production in its storytelling and marriage of music to the environment beyond the usual classy shots and narration. David Attenborough would approve!
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Medisana UHW Luftbefeuchter
Medisana UHW Luftbefeuchter
Preis: EUR 28,37

5.0 von 5 Sternen Very good humidifier for a large room, 19. Februar 2014
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Very quiet, blows mist nicely (controllable, spout is swivelable to your direction), helps increase humidity say 5-10 degrees. Suits big rooms eg 5 x 5 metres easily and I would say maybe 6x6 even with a high ceiling. Easy to operate; the water container is a decent size for easily 1 night and say a half more ... The shape of the canister is a little awkward but you can refill and walk about without much spilling. Overall a very productive well priced machine (works soundly after a month of good daily use...)

Preis: EUR 14,47

5.0 von 5 Sternen Great album, 24. Januar 2014
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: Intimidade (Audio CD)
I have never forgotten how vibrant and unique in sound, rhythm and playing/singing TM is from my univ days 20+ years ago (a unique funky and spirited end of the jazz spectrum).

This album, the first after very many years (and an older artiste), just confirmed that same great sound, ok a little more mellow, but with thoroughly enjoyable, classic TM rhythm and playing...and toe tappingly good ! 5 stars if you like top quality samba/jazz. Lots of nice melodies and very nicely executed.

Braun Oral-B Triumph 4000 elektrische Premium-Zahnbürste
Braun Oral-B Triumph 4000 elektrische Premium-Zahnbürste
Preis: EUR 102,25

3.0 von 5 Sternen Good brush, bad quality, 15. Dezember 2012
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The brush is very good, with notably high revolving power than the standard Braun electric toothbrushes that are cheaper. The ergonomics are also very comfortable.

Problems: after two charging cycles, the charger died completely! There is no more green dancing lights indicating the usual charging cycle and the led battery indicators are dropping. Additionally, the charger - for a not cheap Euro 117 single toothbrush, is only 220-240v : as this is designed as travel toothbrush complete with case, it is quite ridiculous that one is only able to use it in half the world...when I fully expected 110-220 or 240v smart charger. Not very smart by Braun as we are paying for it. Additionally, the charging point does not fit snugly into the hole in the bottom battery point: the "gap" around the point that sticks up enables the toothbrush to move/swing about 3 to 4 mms either side...which can't do much positively for the charging contact I think. However the brush did charge overnight on the initial charging sessions.

You also can't use this handle with other Braun charging stands of older models as the width of the handle does not allow the brush to sit properly against the tall brush holder cases of some older Braun products.

I am very surprised that I face such quality issues with a Braun product, Made in Germany. I bought this from precisely to ensure that I got a quality Braun product, not one made in other parts of the world with odd quality issues. This is my 5th Braun in about 10 years and I am happy with the product functionality, but alas not these returns are nuisances to heavy travellers.

Being Indian: Inside the Real India
Being Indian: Inside the Real India
von Pavan K. Varma
Preis: EUR 10,50

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5.0 von 5 Sternen An absorbing book, 1. April 2008
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A very incisive, interesting and compelling book on modern India, its inhabitants and their generalised characteristics, helping to dispel or reorient some of the mysticisms that surround India in the West. The author writes with great insight(and some courage!) and weaves his analysis with both interesting and relevant examples, as viewed by an Indian sub-continental reader. Well worth the price.

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