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Marcelo (Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina)

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lex & yacc (A Nutshell handbook)
lex & yacc (A Nutshell handbook)
von John Levine Tony Mason & Doug Brown

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1.0 von 5 Sternen Good book, but..., 29. April 2000
This is fairly complex subject. Consider the following:
1. Lex is quite useless. 2. Yacc is good but any bug is be VERY hard to fix and can potentialy destroy your project. 3. The book does not touch on some practical advice that can make or break a parser/lexer. 4. Unsuccesful error recovery can break your project.
My recommendation: Don't invest ANY time on Lex & Yacc, learn to write a parser/lexer by hand and you WILL be better off.
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