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Ronald E Jeffries "Agilista:" (Pinckney, MI USA)

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Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (Aw Professional)
Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (Aw Professional)
von Kent Beck
Preis: EUR 31,60

4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Develop Reliable Software Rapidly and Enjoyably, 29. Oktober 1999
In this short and delightful book, Beck presents the underpinnings of the discipline of software development called "Extreme Programming", or XP. He tells us why the discipline works and the basics of how to do it. (More books are forthcoming, but start here.)
The book addresses lightweight approaches to customer communication, architecture, design, testing - the whole cycle of software development.
XP isn't for everyone: it is for people who have been and want to be passionate about programming, who want to do a good job in today's fast business environment, who are team players, and who are willing to be disciplined about how they do their work.
Hackery? Hardly. Those who fear that XP is "hacking" have not read or do not understand the book. XP is highly disciplined, including more customer contact, more testing, and more design than most projects ever see.
Required Warning: I'm the "self-proclaimed least" of the folks working with XP and writing about it. So I'm biased.
I'm biased for a particularly good reason: I had the chance to try XP in its purest form, on a project that had been in trouble. I wasn't sure everything would work - and where it didn't, we changed and improved the process. That learning is now in the book. I was often surprised by the way XP allowed a team of ordinary humans to consistently delight their customers.
To get the benefits, you have to do the process. Beck has given us the first volume of information on how to build software better, faster, and with more enjoyment.

AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architecture and Projects in Crisis (Computer Science)
AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architecture and Projects in Crisis (Computer Science)
von William J. Brown
Preis: EUR 65,90

3.0 von 5 Sternen Too many words, not enough story., 31. März 1998
When you finally get to the meat of this book, it's pretty good. The AntiPatterns are interesting and evocative, though not all attain the same level of quality. There's way too much warmup: over 60 pages of it before you get to the real ideas. This book could be half the size and would serve its market better if it were.

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