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Sonne (Limited Super Deluxe Edition)
Sonne (Limited Super Deluxe Edition)
Preis: EUR 38,99

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4.0 von 5 Sternen One of the best Schiller albums, 30. Dezember 2012
My German is unfortunately is not so great to write a review but as far as I understand, I am surprised that some fans are quite harsh against this new Schiller album. I would like to ask them how many musicians in the world can fill up 2 full length CD of great sounds? For me Sehnsucht is still the peak of Schiller but "Sonne" also stands as one his greatest albums. To me, much better than "Tag und Nacht" or "Atemlos" for instance, especially after several listenings.

In particular, I liked most of the vocal sections, all 3 songs sung by Meredith Call, or by Kate Havnevik and of course the title song by Unheilig.The weakest moment which I skip is the French language song called "Soleil de Nuit", I felt the same thing about the Spanish song in the previous album. I think Schiller should stick to German and English songs besides the instrumental sounds.

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