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Patrick (Cologne)

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Infidel: My Life
Infidel: My Life
von Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Infidel. My Life, 26. Mai 2010
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A sometimes disturbing but revealing and honest account about what you thought you knew but really didn't. Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes lucidly with great respect for her family, religion and upbringing while championing the cause for free speech and Muslim woman's rights. Supremely sharp and to the point.

The Women: A Novel [International Export Edition]
The Women: A Novel [International Export Edition]
von T.C. Boyle
Preis: EUR 6,00

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Fascinating insight into the love life of a genius, 26. Mai 2010
I couldn't help but ask myself how much of this story was fictitious and how much it reflected a true account of Frank Lloyd Wright's lifestyle. T.C. Boyle has created an unexpected account of a messy love life sharply contrasting with the perception one normally associates with Frank Lloyd Wright as the sensitive, perceptive and orderly architectural genius that he was. Quite remarkable!

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