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Stephanie Eguia (Houston, TX USA)

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The Giver (21st Century Reference)
The Giver (21st Century Reference)
von Lois Lowry

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5.0 von 5 Sternen One of the Best Books Ever Written, 17. September 2000
The Giver is a fantastic book to read. It had so much meaning and was a very powerful book. I really liked the concept of the book which was a society that was all black and white. In other words you couldn`t see any color. You couldn`t even feel a breeze. You were assigned a job by the elders like birth mother, Assistant Director of Recreation, Doctor, Law and Justice. The boy, Jonas was assigned The Giver. An old man came and would give him a sort of dream, an image. Jonas could see color and feel in these images.He later found out things; secrets that many people in the community didn`t know. When Joans learned these things he was confused with emotions and decided to do something about these things. Another reason I enjoyed this book is because it`s hard to imagine a world perfect, untouchable, and so protected but dosen`t know that life as they know it dosen`t have to be that way. That there is more to life than what they have.

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