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Cheryl C. Hammond (St. Louis, MO)

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48 Laws of Power
48 Laws of Power
von Joost Elffers
  Gebundene Ausgabe

3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen A real thought provoker., 23. Juli 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: 48 Laws of Power (Gebundene Ausgabe)
All of us are at least a little deceptive or even manipulative, because this is what makes for bearable social interaction. Some of the laws even made some strange kind of common sense to me. However, the way to power has used quite sinister methods throughout history.
Greene discusses taking credit for other people's accomplishments wherever possible as a law of power. I was surprised to read that Thomas Edison took credit for Tesla's and other inventors' ideas. Has all the juvenile literature on Edison been leading us astray on the virtues of Thomas Edison?
I found the discussion of envy outstanding. Greene tells us that envy is the sin that no one will admit to. He cautions us to resists parading our successes to avert the envy that others will not show, but will feel and will find ways to undercut our success. He also says that a "sour grapes" attitude is not so bad. It helps us avoid envy, by devaluing the success we want, but cannot attain.

The Last King of Scotland (Vintage International)
The Last King of Scotland (Vintage International)
von Giles Foden
Preis: EUR 15,37

1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Excellent, hard to put down, 24. Juni 2000
The moral dilemas are acute in this story of a Scots expatriate physician forced into service as the personal physician of Idi Amin of Uganda. Thought provoking and gripping.

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