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The DHEA Breakthrough
The DHEA Breakthrough
von Stephen Cherniske
Preis: EUR 11,80

5.0 von 5 Sternen I've been taking DHEA for about 6 months., 7. März 1998
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The DHEA Breakthrough (Taschenbuch)
I haven't read the book yet but have experience of Dhea. What I find most remarkable is the difference between various brands. I have taken 3 different brands, all claiming to be close to 100% pure and of pharmecuetical grade. The first one I took was 50mg a day of NON micronised DHEA. The second was 50mg a day of micronised slow release DHEA and finally 25mg of micronised DHEA with bioavailability enhancing factors. The last is the most recent and I have not noticed any change in mood, libido, strength or weight loss. It is too early with this one to be sure however of the effect. Perhaps I need to increase the dose to 50Mg. The slow release DHEA seemed to have a strong effect in the head, making me feel quite strange at first but after a week or two I got used to it. Again I noticed litte advantage on the product. However a couple of friends of mine on a 25mg dose did experience good results with this version of DHEA, in particular my female friend, went back to a weight she hadn't been for 10 years and had her skin improve markedly. She also came out of a rotten hole of hormone problems she was having. The first DHEA I took was non micronised. This had by far the greatest effect on me. I lost weight, felt fitter and my mood and libido improved markedly. I think perhaps it was the conversion of the non micronised DHEA in the liver to Dhea sulphate and testosterone that was giving these results. The juries still out but I think the non micronised was better for me. Why not a product half and half? Better still coupled with pregnenalone as well. I would be interested to hear of any ones elses experience with these products.

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