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Burg-Wächter 72150 Digitaler Messschieber Precise PS 7215
Burg-Wächter 72150 Digitaler Messschieber Precise PS 7215
Wird angeboten von fachhandel24
Preis: EUR 25,30

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1.0 von 5 Sternen Die Anzeige springt hin und her, 5. März 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
Der Karton und das Siegel waren aufgerissen.
Die Anzeige springt hin und her, die Abs/Zero taste oder Batteriewechsel hilft nicht.
Zero Sterne.

Rexel Samson Enthefter
Rexel Samson Enthefter
Preis: EUR 11,77

5.0 von 5 Sternen Acco Brands Swingline Staple remover - works well, 14. Februar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
Does what it should, removes staples.
However, depending how strong the paper is, and/or how strong the staple is, it can break the paper.
I used it to scan a large amount of student "homework", and to remove the staples.
If you want to keep the paper nice, it is better to "open" the staple first manually.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner (600dpi, WLAN, USB 3.0)
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner (600dpi, WLAN, USB 3.0)
Preis: EUR 418,90

3.0 von 5 Sternen ScanSnap iX500 vs. Canon DR-C125W (No ISIS/TWAIN drivers, output pile falls out), 5. Februar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
I have both the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 and the Canon DR-C125W with me.

There are things in the Fujitsu I love, and there are things that are difficult to overcome.

I like:
- Feel high quality, precise clicks, and so on.
- Feature rich software bundle (ScanSnap document organizer, CardMinder, etc.)
- Fast
- Silent
- Transparent carrier sheet for fragile documents

I didn't like:
- No ISIS/TWAIN drivers, so can scan only via its own applications (no scanning from within Acrobat, PhotoShop, Word, or any other application)
- The output paper tray easily gets messed up, and I get a big pile of messed up sheets (see photo)
- Documents are scanned in upside down, facing down. I have no view about the sheet to be scanned next.
- Too many unnecessary clicks needed even with the simpliest setup. There's no way to scan without clicking 4-5 times with the mouse.
- Large footpring

In comparison, the Canon DR-C125W:
+ scans in documents upside up, facing me, so I always know what's next, easy to sort out double feeds.
+ interface can scan without mouse clicks, a must for scanning in lot of things
+ interface is much easier to change functions on the fly (on-off continous scanning, switching between profiles before scanning)
+ has ISIS/Twain drivers (can be accessed from other software)
+ smaller footprint
0 scanning quality is very similar
0 overall features are very similar
- louder
- feels "less smooth"

All in all, this is a nice gadget. I find it to be excellent for occasional scans, or to scan single but different documents, also when it changes drastically what you want to do with your docs.
This is not the case for me, 95% of the documents I scan should go into the same folder as PDF files, as I use it for archiving. This folder is linked to Dropbox, so it is automatically uploaded to Dropbox, which syncs to my phone anyway, indenepdently from the Scanner's software.

For archiving large batches of documents, I find the Canon DR-C125W to be a much better fit.

Many of the applicaitons for the Fujitsu ScanSnap can be downloaded from the website for free, and they can use other scanners (with ISIS/Twain drivers), too.

Alternative devices:
Canon DR-C125W Duplex Dokumentenscanner (600 dpi, USB 2.0)
Canon DR-C125 Dokumenten-Scanner grau/schwarz
Canon DR-M160 Dokumentenscanner

Brother ADS-2600 Dokumentenscanner (1200 x 1200 dpi, USB 2.0)
Brother ADS-2100 Duplex-Dokumentenscanner (600x600 dpi, USB)

EPSON GT-S55N A4 Dokumentenscanner 600dpi 25ppm Duplex DINA8 bis DINA4 Netzwerk

Kodak i2400 A4 Dokumentenscanner (LED, 30 ppm/60 ipm, USB 2.0)

Hydas 4681 Wärmegürtel - kabellos
Hydas 4681 Wärmegürtel - kabellos
Preis: EUR 78,28

3.0 von 5 Sternen Hydas 4681 - schelchte rauch aber gut, 3. Februar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
Wärmefunktion angenehm.
Sehr komfortabel, und nicht sichtbar unter dem Pullover.
Akku ist gleich wie Leifheit 68031 Akku-Wärmegürtel.

Erste mal hatte kein Ladegerät, das Zweite mal war in ordnung.
Nicht waschbar, minus eine Sterne.
Sehr starkes Plastikgeruch (auch für beide Gerät), auch nach eine woche, könnte nicht mehr benutzen, minus eine Sterne.

Bessere möglichkeiten:
Leifheit 68031 Akku-Wärmegürtel (kostet ca 10 Euro weniger, waschbar, kein GeRuch, mehrere Funktionen - unsere Wahl)
Soehnle 68003 Wellness Wärmekissen Sunflower (kostet nur ~25-30 Euro)
Teporino TEPO L Heizkissen Blue Scotch (kostet nur ~18-20 Euro)
Kommentar Kommentar (1) | Kommentar als Link | Neuester Kommentar: Mar 13, 2014 7:05 AM CET

Acer H5370BD 3D DLP-Projektor (3D-fähig direkt über HDMI 1.4a, Kontrast 3200:1, 2500 ANSI Lumen, WXGA 1280 x 720 Pixel, 2D zu 3D Wandlung, 1x HDMI 1.4a + 1 x HDMI / MHL,  EU) weiß
Acer H5370BD 3D DLP-Projektor (3D-fähig direkt über HDMI 1.4a, Kontrast 3200:1, 2500 ANSI Lumen, WXGA 1280 x 720 Pixel, 2D zu 3D Wandlung, 1x HDMI 1.4a + 1 x HDMI / MHL, EU) weiß
Wird angeboten von ATELCO Computer
Preis: EUR 511,48

4.0 von 5 Sternen Acer H5370BD - 720p - Great first projector, 28. Januar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
I was looking for a decent budget projector, to be used instead of a large LCD TV or Plasma TV, mainly for working on the large screen, watching movies, series. TheWirecutter has a recommendation for this unit, this is why I decided for it.

If you consider this unit, probably because you want to buy your first projector.
Summary: for the price, this is great quality. A 1000+ Euro projector only gives about 15-20% better image quality, and the projectors with noticeably better contrast are in the 2500-3000 Euro range. If you hesitate between 720p and 1080p, my experience is that 720p is good enough, and the price increase to go for 1080p doesn't give the expected benefit. Compared to a TV, a projector is way much better viewing experience, and also better for the eyes, however needs shadow (no watching possible at daylight).

After a month of use:
- picture quality in general ok
- standard colour profile good enough: if you don't want to run a calibration DVD, this unit is good out of the box (remeber to wait 50h lamp run time to judge picture quality)
- noise is ok (not silent, but not disturbing, even when sitting close to it)
- the remote control can send PgUp and PgDn keystrokes when the USB cable is attached
- I really liked the compact, box-style shape, easy to set-up, and blends into the environment

Things I miss:
- Audio OUT (the HDMI port carries over the sound, too, which could be extracted from the projector directly)
- Remote control could have more control for play/pause (although VLC and MPC-HC can be programmed to play/pause for PgUp/PgDn)
- the built-in speaker is very low quality, it's good only for troubleshooting if there is sound etc.

As for the image size, I wouldn't recommend this unit for small rooms. For a 200 cm wide image, which is like a good cinema experience from 3.5-4m viewing distance, the projector needs a similar distance. So it either doesn't fit into the room, or needs to be mounted right over head of the viewers. However, even when placed near the viewers, the noise was tolerable. To calculate the proper screen size and viewing distance, search for "Viewing Distance Calculator" with Google.
Throw distance: 247 cm = Image width: 153 cm, Seating: 214-337 cm
Throw distance: 275 cm = Image width: 170 cm, Seating: 238-374 cm

My unit unfortunately had an issue with the focus ring, it was wobbly. I could adjust the focus, but the ring was not in place.
The picture is bright, 720p was great already for watching movies, however sometimes I wished there was more contrast. However, for the price, this is a great value projector. I also used a lot the projector for working on a big surface, workout DVDs (zumba, fitness, strength training). In general, the conclusion is that unless the projector is mounted on the ceiling, a short throw projector might be better for such a universal use, including gaming.

Note that the 1080p version of this projector has less brightness and contrast, and most official guides recommend to put brightness and contrast first, and resolution later.

Newer version: Acer H5380BD 3D DLP-Projektor (3D-fähig direkt über HDMI 1.4a, 144Hz 3D, Kontrast 13.000:1, 3.000 ANSI Lumen, Native 720p (1.280 x 720), MHL ) weiß
Short Throw, 720p: BenQ W770ST Kurzdistanz DLP-Projektor (New 3D, Kontrast 13000:1, 1280 x 720 Pixel, 2500 ANSI Lumen, HDMI, USB) weiß/grau
Short Throw, 1080p: BenQ W1080ST Kurzdistanz DLP-Projektor (3D, Kontrast 10000:1, Full HD, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, 2000 ANSI Lumen, HDMI) weiß
10-20% better picture: Epson EH-TW5910 3D-Projektor (LCD-Display, 1920x1080 Pixel, Full-HD, 2100 ANSI Lumen, 2x HDMI, USB 2.0)
10-20% better picture: Epson EH-TW6100 LCD-Projektor (3D, Kontrast, 40.000:1, 2300 ANSI Lumen, Full HD, HDMI, 1920x1080 Pixel)
Much better contrast and overall better picture: JVC DLA-X35WE, HighEnd-Beamer

Setup disc: Disney WOW - World of Wonder | HDTV Test- und Demodisc

There's a soft nylon carry bag in the box.

In Summary, this is a great value for the price.
If you want more picture quality, or more features, those cost unproportionally more.
And if you hesitate between a large screen TV and a projector - after watching a couple of movies on a projector screen, even the biggest plasma seems ridiculous. The main advantage of a TV is that you can watch it during daylight (which I don't need).

NOBO Projektionsleinwand 4:3 mattweiß
NOBO Projektionsleinwand 4:3 mattweiß
Preis: EUR 80,35

3.0 von 5 Sternen NOBO 170cm projection screen - picture quality good, some mechanical downsides, 28. Januar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
I was looking for an affordable projection screen that is available from, for watching movies with a 720p projector.
In Summary, the picture quality was ok, however the mechanical aspects were below my expectation.

I have used the screen for about a month, but then I decided to send it back. I had the following problems:
- Roll-back mechanism is a hit and miss to function, sometimes works, sometimes several trigger pull is needed.
- Waves developed already after a month. Some waves are expected on roll-up screens after a couple of years of use, but this waves developed fast, and were big making reading text funny, and making out of focus.

Otherwise, this screen can be both mounted to the wall or to the ceiling (L-shaped mounting bracket).
The 4:3 aspect ratio is less common these days, as even office projectors come with 16:9 aspect ratio, but otherwise you just pull it to fit the projection area.
As for the size, 170 cm width is the smallest I would consider for home use for watching movies at the typical 3.5-4m viewing distance. However, this screen size still would be insanly big even compared to the largest plasma or LCD screens.
Note that the recommended screen sizes (look up a viewing distance calculator with Google):
Viewing distance: 4m = Width: 252 cm (289 cm diag) (for THX minimum viewing angle)
Viewing distance: 3.5 m = Width: 220 cm ( 253 cm diag) (for THX minimum viewing angle)

A regular projector needs about 2.7-3m distance to fill this screen, a short throw projector needs about 1.3-1.5 m. In my experience the waves were more of issue for the short throw projector.

There is the usual black frame around the edges of the canvas. Personally I don't see any use of it, but most brands do it.
The picture quality was OK, there's no special reflecting material or such. I went with the default colour settings on the projector, and it was ok.
As there are similar quality screens for about 30-40 Euro already available, I would rather go for a more affordable screen, which can have a similar or higher quality even. I've gone through several budget screens lately, and they seem to use exactly the same mechanical components, even from different brands.

The only major brand projections screens that I've found at are Elitescreens. Unfortunately, there are also many quality complaints on this brand at A good alternative is Da-Lite, but I haven't seen it on, yet.
Elite Screens M84UWH Manual Series Leinwand (Diagonal 213,4 cm (84 Zoll), Höhe 104,1 cm (41 Zoll), Breite 185,4 cm (73 Zoll), Format 16:9) schwarz
Elite Screens M100NWV1 Manual Series Leinwand (Diagonal 254 cm (100 Zoll), Höhe 152,4 cm (60 Zoll), Breite 203,2 cm (80 Zoll), Format 4:3) weiß
Elite Screens M120HSR-Pro Manual SRM Pro Series Leinwand (Diagonal 304,8 cm (120 Zoll), Höhe 149,4 cm (58,8 Zoll), Breite 265,7 cm (104,6 Zoll), Format 16:9) weiß

This one has better reviews, but I haven't seen it with delivery:
HDTV Rollo Leinwand für Beamer Heimkino 244 x 182 cm 16:9 4:3

SANYO eneloop XX NiMH-Akkus, Micro Typ AAA, 950mAh (mind.900 mAh), 4er-Pack
SANYO eneloop XX NiMH-Akkus, Micro Typ AAA, 950mAh (mind.900 mAh), 4er-Pack
Wird angeboten von Shop von HEIBAS-Handyladen (Alle Preise inkl. Mwst.) - AGBs, Garantiebedingungen & Widerrufsbelehrung finden Sie unter Verkaeuferhilfe
Preis: EUR 12,30

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Eneloop XX HR-4UWXB vs. Eneloop Normal and Lite, all Eneloop coding included, 23. Januar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
I was looking for the highest capacity, non-discharging AAA cells.

These are the best batteries I came around, they are consistently of good quality: last long, work in cold, and keep their nominal capacity after many charging cycles. I still value Made in Japan, and these batteries are still of those few things that are produced in Japan.
I don't think its worth to experiment with other brands, because the only advantage they might have is a higher nominal capacity, which might work, but even my Philips batteries performed poorly.

I'm using NiMh cells since 1997 in my electronic equipment, that time I used a Psion 5mx handheld computer.
The drawbacks of average NiMh cells were:
- they lose charge in 1-2 weeks, so they had to be freshly charged all the time (mostly done by leaving them in a IC-controlled charger that can trickle charge)
- their power output drops in cold weather (outside winter use for camera, gadgets, flashlights)
- their capacity drops significantly after 20-30 charging cycles

The latest generation of Eneloop batteries, the XX series overcomes all these problems. I have been using them for about half a year now, both AAA and AA size, and they are excellent. In my bicycle light in freezing weather they still give a great output, they keep their charge, and I haven't observed any degradation in capacity (testing with my Ansmann charger).

I have gone through several generations of Eneloop batteries right from the start, and now I have standard 1st and 2nd, and XX 2nd generation in use. They are produced by Sanyo, but lately Panasonic bought the battery business from Sanyo, so the branding might change in the future.
I'm using these batteries in all sorts of devices, remote control, bathroom scale, radio controlled alarm clock, wireless mouse, HP calculator, dect phone, bicycle low power lights, bicycle long distance lights (they drain a fresh set down to zero in 2.5 hours). I counted, and I have about 50 Eneloop batteries now. All are good, even the 1st gen batteries work well, but I really like the extra capacity and the cold weather use of the XX series.

If you hesitate between the XX, Normal, or Lite version, I highly recommend the XX version.
- The extra capacity does matter. The higher capacity of the XX batteries actually give a longer battery life even in the low power devices, like alarm clocks, or remote controls.
- The extra high charging cycle possibility of the normal version is not useful for most people in real life. Unless you are a professional photographer, who recharges the batteries for the flash every day, probably you won't do more than 100-200 charging cycles in the next couple of years.
- If you want to use batteries outside, the lower temperature rating does matter (the Normal version is not rated for use in freezing temperatures).

Also, don't be fooled by the higher nominal capacity of other brands. Maybe you can reach that capacity at the very beginning of the batteries, but my experience is that despite the higher nominal capacity, my devices go longer with the Eneloop batteries. My Philips Multi Life NiMH Akku AA Mignon 2600 mAh 4er Pack, which should be of good quality, after a couple month of use now output less power (bicycle light goes dim sooner).

All in all, my recommendation is just to buy the latest Eneloop XX batteries, and forget about the rest.


1. To take advantage of the Eneloop batteries, you need a high quality microcontroller operated battery charger. I have a good experience with the Ansmann 1001-0005 Powerline 4 pro Akku Ladegerät für NiMH/NiCd Akkus 1-4x AA, AAA (ohne Akkus).
2. The batteries usually need a couple of charging cycles at the beginning to reach full capacity. The best way to do this is to make a "Refresh" cycle with the above Ansmann charger.

- The AAA XX sets that I ordered from in Jan 2014, are still production date 05-2013, Made in Japan, HR-4UWXB.
- There are fakes around, I recommend to buy sealed original packaging only.
- If you want to save money, you can explore these batteries: AmazonBasics Vorgeladene Ni-MH-Akkus, AAA (1.000 Zyklen, typisch 800 mAh, minimal 750 mAh) 4 Stück. Although it is not confirmed 100%, most likely these are previous generation Eneloop batteries. If you just need a lot of AAA batteries of any kind, these are to consider.


(copied from the web, just search for "Overview: All eneloop batteries; 2005-2014")

Eneloop STANDARD 1st Generation:
AAA: HR-4UTG 1000cycles Rated 800mAh. Min. 750mAh
AA: HR-3UTG 1000cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min. 1,900mAh
C: HR-2UTG 1000cycles Rated 3,200mAh. Min. 3,000mAh
D: HR-1UTG 1000cycles Rated 6,000mAh. Min. 5,700mAh

Eneloop STANDARD 2nd Generation:
AAA: HR-4UTGA 1500cycles Rated 800mAh. Min. 750mAh Sanyo Eneloop HR-4UTGA Micro AAA Akku (750mAh, 8-er Pack)
AA: HR-3UTGA 1500cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min. 1,900mAh Sanyo eneloop AA Mignon Batterien (4er Pack)

Eneloop STANDARD 3rd Generation:
AAA: HR-4UTGB 1800cycles Rated 800mAh. Min 750mAh SANYO eneloop AAA ReadytoUse Micro NI-MH Akku HR-4UTGB-5BP-CASE (750 mAh, 5er Pack)
AA: HR-3UTGB 1800cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min 1,900mAh SANYO eneloop AA ReadytoUse Mignon NI-MH Akku HR-3UTGB-8BP (1900 mAh, 8er Pack)

Eneloop STANDARD 4th Generation:
AAA: BK-4MCC 2100cycels Min. 750mAh
AA: BK-3MCC 2100cycels Min.1900mAh Pack Panasonic eneloop AA eight (standard model) BK-3MCC / 8 (japan import)
C: BK-2MGC 1000cycles Min.3000mAh
D: BK-1MGC 1000cycles Min.5700mAh


Eneloop LITE: 1st generation
AAA: HR-4UQ 2000cycles Rated 600mAh. Min 550mAh SANYO eneloop lite AAA ReadytoUse Micro NI-MH Akku HR-4UQ-2BP (550 mAh, 2er Pack)
AA: HR-3UQ 2000cycles Rated 1,000mAh. Min 900mAh SANYO eneloop lite AA ReadytoUse Mignon NI-MH Akku HR-3UQ-2BP (900 mAh, 2er Pack)

Eneloop LITE: 2nd generation
AAA: BK-4LCC 5000cycles Min 550mAh
AA: BK-3LCC 5000cycles Min 900mAh


Eneloop XX: 1st generation
AAA: not existing
AA: HR-3UWX 500cycles Rated 2,500mAh. Min 2,400mAh
AA: HR-3UWXA 500cycles Rated 2,500mAh. Min 2,400mAh (these are 1st gen, sold in China, they added the letter A)

Eneloop XX: 2nd generation
AAA: HR-4UWXB 500cycles Min 900mAh - B00B49IFIK SANYO eneloop XX NiMH-Akkus, Micro Typ AAA, 950mAh (mind.900 mAh), 4er-Pack
AA: HR-3UWXB 500cycles Min 2,450mAh - B00AFOMQW6 Sanyo eneloop HR-3UWXB-4BP AA Mignon-Akku (2450mAH, 4er Originalpack)

Eneloop XX: 3rd generation
AAA: BK-4HCC 500cycles Min 900mAh
AA: BK-3HCC 500cycles Min 2,450mAh


Eneloop PLUS
AAA: not existing
AA: HR-3UPT 1800cycles Rated 2,000mAh. Min 1,900mAh - B006CWQC16 Eneloop plus AA battery with PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) 4-Pack | HR-3UPT-4BP (japan import)

Gore Running Wear Damen Tights Air Thermo Lady, Black, 38, TAIRTW990008
Gore Running Wear Damen Tights Air Thermo Lady, Black, 38, TAIRTW990008
Wird angeboten von 21run
Preis: EUR 53,19

1.0 von 5 Sternen GORE Air Thermo Thights Lady, 20. Januar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
Would have been the perfect for my wife, nice mesh pocket, reflective zips at the ankles, good lengths.

However, the sewing opened up right during trying the pants on, near the back-zips on the back.
This seems to be a general problem for Gore pants, other models we have tried had the same problem. The sewing just cannot hold the material together.
If you are willing to fix it yourself, and go through to make a double sewing, then these pants can be good, our other Gore stuff are our favorites.

Gore Running Wear Damen Tights Air Lady, Shiraz Red/Hot Pink, 36, TLAIRL304407
Gore Running Wear Damen Tights Air Lady, Shiraz Red/Hot Pink, 36, TLAIRL304407
Preis: EUR 70,40

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1.0 von 5 Sternen GORE LADY Tights Long - weak sewing opens up, 20. Januar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
I bought this running pants for my wife. The form and comfort in general is good.
However, the sewing on the back near the zips is very poor quality.
Just during trying the pants on, the threads come off, and the sewing was open.
We have tried several pants from GORE, and it seems to be a general problem, as other models had a similar problem.
That's a pity, because otherwise other Gore running gears of my wife are of good quality and comfort.

Notebooktisch Laptoptisch Laptop Ständer Halter Bettisch Klapptisch Notebookständer - Comfortable 17,Holz, Notebookständer, Laptoptisch fürs Bett fürs Sofa, Notebooktisch Klappbar, Frühstückstisch
Notebooktisch Laptoptisch Laptop Ständer Halter Bettisch Klapptisch Notebookständer - Comfortable 17,Holz, Notebookständer, Laptoptisch fürs Bett fürs Sofa, Notebooktisch Klappbar, Frühstückstisch
Wird angeboten von Comfortableworld-de
Preis: EUR 41,00

4.0 von 5 Sternen High quality, dimensions are not optimal, 7. Januar 2014
Von Amazon bestätigter Kauf(Was ist das?)
I have tried several Laptop tables for the carpet, bed, and simply ground working. I was looking for one that has good quality, smooth surface, no splinters, and the right dimensions. I have a standing desk, and occasionally I sit in the bed to take a break, and continue working with writing, reading books, or typing on my laptop. Sometimes, we use it to have breakfast in bed.

All previous Notebook holders hat the following problems:
- surface was not flat, but curved (poor manufacturing quality)
- edges were not precise at the 1/3 - 2/3 cut of the table surface (one couldn't write on it)
- occasional splinters, especially with Bamboo versions
Finally, this one has a good quality finish! The surface is smooth, the joints are precise, the table top is flat. This is nice furniture quality, feels solid and robust.

In use, there are two things I don't like about this Laptop table when sitting in bed:
1. The top usable surface is reduced by 1 cm all around the edges, because the edges are made curved, instead of flat. It looks nice, but wastes a lot of usaable surface of the already small area.
2. The legs are too narrow, it flips over easily when using in bed. The legs are only 25 cm wide, and with this height, they should be 28 or 30 cm wide. For using with a laptop this is OK, but tea/coffee spills out.
Height for laptop beds are critical. I found that the following height dimensions are optimal for most among our family and friends:
- 18-19 cm room for the legs (height below the table)
- 21-22 cm height for the table surface
This table has the following height dimensions:
- 20 cm legroom - very comfortable for the legs
- 26 cm height of the table surface is too high, not comfortable for writing or typing
Most laptop tables (including this) have an unnecessary 3cm frame below the table surface. This is could be reduced to 1 cm, or even completely eliminated to give more legroom, and to reduce the overall center of gravity.

All in all, this is a very nice quality Laptop table, however, one must try whether the dimensions are good or not. I find it usable, but not optimal.
I haven't found a good alternative yet, but you can try these:
Zeller 25325 Betttablett mit Leseklappe, Bamboo / 55 x 33 x 21.5 - Good height of the table surface, but only 16 cm legroom. Stable, doesn't fall over. Has splitters, and the surface is not flat.
Kesper 77018 Lesetablett mit Ablagefläche Leseplatte verstellbar Kiefernholz - Same dimensions and quality as above, but made of wood.

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