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Ryan Donovan

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Flash Boys
Flash Boys
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3.0 von 5 Sternen Enjoyable Read that cuts through complexity, but also seems to have a hidden agenda, 14. Mai 2014
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Michael Lewis is a Master Storyteller and he once again proves it in this book. If you love thrilling stories about clever boys making a killing in severely dysfunctional financial markets, you will like this one for sure

Michael's greatest strength is his ability to embed dry content into a lively and exciting story. This allows him to transport his message and to explain many complex links without ever risking to lose the reader. His strongest tool to achieve this is his how he portrays the main actors as interesting and sympathic heroes with unique, almost supernatural, finance abilities.

I truly enjoyed reading this book, so why only three stars? Flash Boys interprets everything within a simple good versus evil scheme. His arguments why an average citizen should care about high frequency trading (HFT) are remarkably weak (he papers over this crack by letting his actors scream and curse about the banks, exchanges, and HFT firms, virtually all the time). He did not convince me that the main victims of HFT are the average Americans.

HFT seems to me rather as a business models of young rich guys to rip off old rich guys, which is not really something that should concern a broader public. The whole way Goldman jumped on IEX and how the book was launched together with the announcements of investigations even makes me suspicious that Flash Boys is part of an ingenious marketing campaign to promote the Investors Exchange (IEX).

So, my advise is to read it as what it is, an entertaining story from which you can learn a lot. But don't let your guard down, Michael, Brad, and Goldman are trying to sell you something.

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