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Python Essential Reference (New Riders Professional Library)
Python Essential Reference (New Riders Professional Library)
von David M. Beazley

5.0 von 5 Sternen Must Have, 7. März 2000
This is a must have book whether you are an experienced programmer or a novice. For the experienced, it is the essential reference and all you need to begin programming Python immediately. For the novice programmer, it will be the essential reference in addition to one of the "learning" or "how to" books.
I started with "Learning Python" but put it down half-way through after picking this book up. It's well-organized, a great size and layout, and easy to read. It has the essential information.
One more comment: I'm very impressed with this series of books from New Riders. It seems to me that someone there must have decided to take O'Reilly's idea and go one step farther. These books (I've used 2 others) are not only well-written, but the type, size of text, paper and covers are all of higher quality and style than the O'Reilly books. They are my new favorites. Looks like O'Reilly has competition!

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