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The Alan Parsons Project That Never
The Alan Parsons Project That Never
Preis: EUR 14,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Golden Key and other great songs, 30. April 2009
Eric Woolfson sings The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was is a wonderful album. It is so nice to listen to an album with not only songs written by Woolfson himself but also be able to listen to his voice. He does the lead vocals on the songs. Woolfson has completed some of the unfinished works and put those together with some songs of his musicals Gambler, Gaudi, Edgar Allan Poe and Dancing Shadows (only Freudiana is missing) on this album. I enjoy the combination of strong progressive art rock songs such as Golden Key and Immortal with more pop songs such as Nothing Can Change My Mind and I Can See Round Corners. All in all a wonderful album, that asks for more from the talented Eric Woolfson, the real creator of The Alan Parsons Project.

Anouk - Close up (+ Audio-CD) [2 DVDs]
Anouk - Close up (+ Audio-CD) [2 DVDs]
DVD ~ Anouk
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Preis: EUR 21,93

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Surround Live Rock, 7. November 2004
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Anouk - Close up (+ Audio-CD) [2 DVDs] (DVD)
Nach meiner Meinung ist der DVD Close Up von Anouk fabelhaft. 'I Live For You' ist der beste live Song überhaupt.
Nicht nur die Stimme von Anouk ist glänzend und rockt aber auch auf Bass, Drums und Guitars spielen die Bandmitglieder von Anouk mit viel Genialität und Kraft.
Die songs sind:
1. Everything
2. Too Long
3. Don't
4. Nobody's Wife
5. Sacrifice
6. Searching
7. Who Cares
8. No Time To Waste
9. R U Kiddin' Me
10. I Live For You
DVD-format: 5.1 Dolby Digital (surround sound); 2.0 Dolby Digital
Extra's: u.a. Clips, Photo Gallery, Docu.
Spielzeit: 113 Minuten
Dazu gibt es auch noch einen Audio-CD mit 7 acoustic songs.

A Valid Path
A Valid Path
Preis: EUR 15,07

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Great 21st century album with top song 'We Play The Game', 7. September 2004
Rezension bezieht sich auf: A Valid Path (Audio CD)
Finally a new album of my hero of modern music times. A Valid Path is a brilliant album. Not everybody will probably like it, but I do. You will find some songs on the album, that are more or less in the old Alan Parsons Project style. One of them is 'We Play The Game' (featuring The Crystal Method; lead vocal: Alan Parsons himself). This should be the single in my opinion. I think it is a much better song than 'More Lost Without You': also good, but not special. Furthermore it is great to hear David Pack back on one of the best songs of the album 'You Can Run'.
Furtermore the album contains 3 make overs of earlier songs: 'Return To Tungaska', with David Gilmour on guitar, is a make over of 'Antarctica' (of the Out Of Order-soundtrack); 'Mammagamma' (of the Eye In The Sky Album) is restyled; 'A Recurring Dream Within A Dream' (of the magical Tales Of Mystery And Imagination) is a modern composite of two works 'A Dream Within A Dream' and 'The Raven'. Alan Parsons has also written with many others great instrumentals such as 'L'Arc en Ciel' and 'Chomolunga'.
Even if you do not recognize the Parsons or APP sounds immediately, try to listen to it several times and then you will come to the conclusion, that it is still the fascinating composer and producer, Alan Parsons. The only difference is, he has now composed and produced music of the 21st century. Hopefully a 5.1 surround sound version will be released as soon as possible! Then I will like the album even more...

Just for You (Sacd)
Just for You (Sacd)

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2.0 von 5 Sternen Not for me, 16. August 2004
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Just for You (Sacd) (Audio CD)
Lionel Richie has made some good songs in the past such as 'Destiny', 'Love, Oh Love' and also 'I Forgot'. Listen to the 'Back To Front' album and most of you will agree with me. However, his latest album, 'Just For You', is very disappointing. The songs (tunes) are not original and are not of the quality that Lionel Richie normally delivers. There is not one song that makes an impression and that stays with you.
Furthermore I am not impressed with the surround sound of this SACD. There are some obligatory surround effects but nothing special. Many surround sound super audio cd's are far better than this one. On the other hand it is nowadays more appropriate to release sacd's, because many listeners have surround sound (multi-channel) systems. That is why I do not give this sacd-album one but two stars.

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14 von 17 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen A majestic piece of art, 7. März 2004
In my opinion The Turn Of A Friendly Card of The Alan Parsons Project is the best album ever made! The title song with lead vocals of Chris Rainbow is amazing. The instrumental 'Gold Bug' is even better than other APP instrumentals such as Sirius and Mammagamma of the Eye In The Sky album. Furthermore the voice of Eric Woolfson on 'Time' is supernatural. Other great songs are 'May Be A Price To Pay'(lead vocal: Elmer Gantry) and 'Games People Play'(lead vocal: Lenny Zakatek), that also made it to the charts. The Turn Of A Friendly Card is a majestic piece of art. Buy and listen to this wonderful combination of classical, rock and pop music!

Afraid of Sunlight
Afraid of Sunlight

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Marillion in the sunlight, 16. Februar 2004
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Afraid of Sunlight (Audio CD)
Both EMI and Marillion were still reeling from the relative commercial disappointment of the "Brave" album. They thought it was a masterpiece (and right they were), but just couldn't understand how the world hadn't noticed. Racked by self-doubt and emotional turmoil, Marillion started recording "Afraid Of Sunlight". As Steve Hogarth says: 'There never has been an initial "vision", or a master plan ..Like the others, "Afraid Of Sunlight" was another product of flailing around in the darkness. I think it's the best record we've made'. This quote says it all.
On 24 bits it sounds great. Best songs are: Afraid Of Sunlight, Beyond You, King, Out Of This World and Beautiful.

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Preis: EUR 21,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Freudiana (by E. Woolfson), one of the greatest albums ever!, 17. Januar 2004
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Freudiana (Audio CD)
Freudiana is the brain child of songwriter and musician Eric Woolfson who hit upon the idea of researching the life and works of Sigmund Freud with a view to their musical potential. Fully aware that doing justice to the genius of such magnitude would involve the highest degree of commitment and application, Woolfson set out to retrace Freud's footsteps and explore his realms in what turned out to be also a voyage of self-discovery. What resulted was not only the story of Freud and his work but perhaps more an image of the composer seen through a Freudian mirror.
Literary sources included Freud's classic cases whose real identities he concealed by using names such as Dora and Little Hans (songs on the album). In addition, Freud's writings on his discovery of the 'unconscious', his well known theories and his masterpiece, 'The Interpretation of Dreams', all served as springboard for musical ideas. Eric Woolfson has worked, together with his 'project' partner Alan parsons and conductor Andrew Powell, for three years on recording Freudiana. Eric Woolfson has written 17 songs and Alan Parsons the instrumental 'Beyond The Pleasure Principle'. (Note: nowadays Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson follow separate ways).
Lead vocalists on the album are: Eric Woolfson (on the fantastic title song Freudiana, Dora and Let Yourself Go), Leo Sayer, Graham Dye, The Flying Pickets (on 'Far Away From Home': amazing), Marti Webb (on the beautiful 'Don't Let The Moment Pass'), Eric Stewart (on 'Upper Me'), John Miles (on 'There But For The Grace Of God'), the golden voice of Chris Rainbow (on the mini song 'Destiny') and several others.
If you listen to Freudiana, you understand that this album is about psychoanalysis. Consequently not all songs are easy accessible. But that is what makes Freudiana brilliant. Woolfson has developed the concept of Freudiana further into a musical (in the German language), that was staged in the early 1990's in Vienna ('Theater an der Wien'). There was also an album and cd of this musical cast recording (by EMI), but this is unfortunately not available anymore. Hopefully the Vienna Musical Cast Recording of Freudiana will be reissued again!
In short, Freudiana is a beautiful and interesting masterpiece of in particular Eric Woolfson. Listen and be amazed!

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Preis: EUR 18,30

1.0 von 5 Sternen Nicht gut, 8. Januar 2004
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Excaliber (Audio CD)
Excalibur ist eine Sammlung von einfache Liedchen ohne Qualität. Normalerweise wenn Alan Parsons und Chris Thompson etwas machen, in diesem Fall mit Michael Ernst, dann gibt es sicherlich gute Musik. Ich war dann auch sehr enttäuscht über die Songs auf Excalibur. Kein einziger Song finde ich gut, auch nicht ein bisschen. Iche verstehe nicht ganz wieso Alan Parsons, ein Genie meiner Meinung nach, beteiligt war an Excalibur. Excalibur ist Michael Ernst über den Kopf gewachsen. Er hat versucht ein Thema Klassiker zu machen. Es ist meiner Meinung nach leider eine bombastische Fehlleistung geworden. Viel viel besser sind die Thema Klassiker von The Alan Parsons Project (z.B. The Turn Of A Friendly Card) oder CD's von Manfred Mann's Earth Band wie z.B. Somewhere in Africa mit Chris Thompson. Leider war es für mich ein Fehlkauf.

Poe: More Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Poe: More Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Preis: EUR 13,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Woolfson macht immer gute Musik, 23. Oktober 2003
Obwohl Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Edgar Allan Poe aus 1976 von The Alan Parsons Project besser ist als Poe (More Tales Of Mystery And Imagination) von Woolfson aus 2003, sind 5 Sterne sicherlich berechtigt. Tales Of Mystery aus 1976, Freudiana und The Turn Of A Friendly Card beurteile ich mit 6 Sterne.
Poe hat aber auch einige sehr gute Songs so wie 'Immortal', 'The Pit And The Pendulum' und 'Wings Of Eagles'. Bei Poe geht es um Musik und weniger um Kommerz. Ein Minuspunkt: leider keine lead Vocals von Eric Woolfson so wie auf Eye In The Sky, Ammonia Avenue und Freudiana. Aber auch Steve Balsamo hat eine sehr gute, kraeftige Stimme.

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