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Analysis Patterns Reusable Object Models (Addison-Wesley Series in Object-Oriented Software Engineerin)
Analysis Patterns Reusable Object Models (Addison-Wesley Series in Object-Oriented Software Engineerin)
von Martin Fowler
  Gebundene Ausgabe

5.0 von 5 Sternen Strong advocate for the domain analyst, 16. August 1997
The analysis model is often forgotten. Too often designers will do just that -- design, i.e., solve the problem before serious inquiry into requirements analysis. This book addresses that which is between the use-case and detailed design model. It is the domain analysis model. Fowler is an excellent student of M. Odell, and it's high time that Odell's thinking was made accessible to the domain analyst. Fowler's book is general enough to get across the point that it is how we think about the problem that is the important part of modeling, and not some arcane "modelling process" that is significant to methodologists. A note about reusability, as pertains the title: to my mind it is this thinking which Fowler describes that is a part of modelling that is reusable. The output of his thinking, the actual models in his examples deriving largely from the financial domain, could be in fact reused. But it is the thinking that is important. The only bad thing I can say about this book is that I fear, by its title, it may not reach its desired audience of the domain analyst, because these are, quite frankly, the scientist, the doctor, the finance expert, etc. that can really benefit from modelling since they have the in-depth knowledge of the domain. It is the job of whoever reads this book to spread the message. Power to the domain analyst

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