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mountainmama "Shirley Hicks" (Charleston, West Virginia, USA)

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DBPOWER 5-in-1 Digitaler Reifendruckmesser mit Nothammer, Gurtschneider und Taschenlampe f¹r Fahrzeuge (5 in 1)
DBPOWER 5-in-1 Digitaler Reifendruckmesser mit Nothammer, Gurtschneider und Taschenlampe f¹r Fahrzeuge (5 in 1)
Wird angeboten von Bravo Tech
Preis: EUR 19,89

5.0 von 5 Sternen Handy!, 1. September 2015
This is a well-made product – sturdy, easy to use, and has several features in one compact package – tire pressure gauge, flashlight, seatbelt cutter, and a hammer to break out a window in your car if needed. The digital display on the gauge is easy to read, with a backlight to help in dim lighting, and the readout seems accurate according to other gauges I have. The glass hammer feels like it would do the job – the device fits your hand nicely for a firm grip, and has a pointed metal end to smash into the glass. If you grip the tool in the opposite direction, you can easily slice through a seatbelt with the cutter, which has a protective piece to keep your fingers from accidentally touching the blade.

This fits easily into a glove box or center console, and is a must-have for your car!

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review.

7-teiliges Set: Kosmetikpinsel in Burgunderrot, inkl. Tasche und Gesichtsschwamm
7-teiliges Set: Kosmetikpinsel in Burgunderrot, inkl. Tasche und Gesichtsschwamm

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Good quality, 11. Dezember 2014
These are decent quality and do a good job. They’re soft and do not shed hairs, but missing an essential blending brush. They’re small and come in a compact case, so would be good for travel. Maybe not for ‘professional’ makeup applications, but great for beginners and everyday users.

I received a free sample in exchange for an honest review.

Relatively Guilty (Best Defence series Book 1) (English Edition)
Relatively Guilty (Best Defence series Book 1) (English Edition)
Preis: EUR 1,79

5.0 von 5 Sternen Tongue-in-cheek whodunit, 25. Februar 2014
Robbie is a lawyer in Linlithgow, with a much more well-known (and liked) big brother, whose shenanigans always seem to end up as Robbie’s problems. When Malkie shows up uninvited, Robbie’s life takes a turn for the strange.

It’s a mystery, it’s a legal thriller, it’s a comedy, and it’s time for you to read it! The characters are humorous but believable, the dialog is spot-on, and the Scottish idioms and vernacular add a wonderful flavor to the story. Funny, well-plotted, and absorbing – I loved it!

69 things I do with my Wang: Test to see how dirty your mind is (English Edition)
69 things I do with my Wang: Test to see how dirty your mind is (English Edition)
Preis: EUR 1,02

4.0 von 5 Sternen Geek meets lowbrow humor, 25. Februar 2014
The author contacted me to ask for a review, and provided a free copy. Since it was so short, I immediately checked it out – it can be read in less than ten minutes.

There are some real groaners, but the puns and pictures are creative, silly, and fun. If you like double entendre and slightly crude humor, you’ll enjoy it. The title alone is entertaining!

Into the Darkness (English Edition)
Into the Darkness (English Edition)

4.0 von 5 Sternen Spooky shorts, 16. Februar 2014
Since these are short stories, I won’t summarize the plots – the product description does a good job of that. There are four total, all by different authors, and told in completely different styles.

“Never Linger” by Guy Bailey was an entertaining old-fashioned Halloween tale, told with a modern campy twist. Editing was superb.

“The Watcher in the Window” by Simone Beaudelaire has a paranormal twist, and a bit of Ms. Beaudelaire’s trademark erotic stamp. A well-constructed story with a few typos, but a great read.

“The Darkness” by L. M. Boelz was definitely the creepiest and most sinister – characteristic of most of her work. She does a fine job of dragging the reader through a maze to figure out what’s actually happening, and usually has a moral to her stories. A few typos noted, but nothing to detract from the story.

“Halloween Wishes” by Sandra Martinez takes us back to an earlier time and makes us live there with her characters. She does a great job of describing the surroundings and events. Entertaining and enlightening, but with a few more typos than the norm.

These are fine examples of each author’s style, with an added bonus of previews of their full-length works. Fantastic for those occasions when you can’t spare the time to read a whole novel. The cover alone is well worth the price!

The Ultimate Choice (English Edition)
The Ultimate Choice (English Edition)
Preis: EUR 3,68

5.0 von 5 Sternen Grim but compelling, 12. Februar 2014
In a future world where overpopulation is a crime, Cassie must participate in a game show where she decides who will benefit from her forced suicide. Before she makes her selection, she realizes she wants to live, and takes advantage of the pandemonium during an on-air crisis, and runs.

Ms. Hinsley has once again penned a gripping novel of bleak horror as she describes an all-too-real post-apocalyptic future. Her characters are vulnerable but likeable and believable, and her story is well-constructed and beautifully written. She definitely does noir well – building tension and dread through the experiences and choices her characters must face. Another outstanding job – one I’d highly recommend to any thriller/dystopia/noir fans.

Restless Spirit
Restless Spirit
von S. D. Tooley
Preis: EUR 16,09

5.0 von 5 Sternen A voice from the grave, 3. Februar 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Restless Spirit (Taschenbuch)
Samantha Casey connects with the dead. A slain teen speaks through a button found at a construction site, and Sam begins an investigation to clear the young man convicted of her murder. She joins forces with the burnt-out detective who originally worked the case, and fights to be taken seriously by a police force which has placed her on suspension over her suspected role in a fellow officer’s death.

This is the third book in the Sam Casey Mystery series, but easily stands alone. It’s a great mix of mystery and suspense, with lots of police procedure and the inherent corruption/apathy/injustice of most law enforcement entities, and including an added dash of Indian mysticism. Lots of twists, turns, secrets, and deceptions keep it interesting, and great characters who have their own flaws and warts keep it real. Well-crafted, entertaining, and full of action to keep you turning pages, this will satisfy any mystery buff!

Hot Metal (English Edition)
Hot Metal (English Edition)
Preis: EUR 1,02

5.0 von 5 Sternen Hypnotic, 3. Februar 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Hot Metal (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)
Peter is an Englishman working in Nibana. When John visits from the UK, they go on a road trip to an ancient town, where they meet a mysterious boy who promises to show Peter a working bronze smelter – an art not practiced for hundreds of years. Led through a maze and drugged, Peter is unsure what exactly happened, but he bears the mark of hot metal in his palm.

This novella is brilliantly crafted – well-written with the sort of story-telling that draws the reader in and keeps you guessing. The descriptions of the African landscape, traditions, customs, and beliefs are beautifully detailed and mesmerizing. Excellent read!

Deadman's Lament (The Deadman Series Book 1) (English Edition)
Deadman's Lament (The Deadman Series Book 1) (English Edition)
Preis: EUR 3,09

5.0 von 5 Sternen Wild, Wild West, 13. Januar 2014
I’ve read a few of Ms. Jeppsen’s books, and this one is a completely different genre – an historical Western! Sheriff Matthew Wilcox is going after the notorious bandit, ‘Top Hat’ – the same evil, sadistic bad guy who kidnapped him when he was a youngster. But Top Hat sees him coming and doubles back to wreak havoc on Matthew’s home town while he’s out chasing shadows. It reminds you of the Westerns of old where the good guys triumphed and the bad guys got what they deserved, with the added twist of the good guy having to overcome his past sadness and hardships in order to face the menace.

Ms. Jeppsen’s talent shows through in this story – her descriptions are impeccable, characters are portrayed perfectly, dialog is believable, and the story is gripping. Yippie-kai-yay!

The Cleansing (Earth Haven Book 1) (English Edition)
The Cleansing (Earth Haven Book 1) (English Edition)
Preis: EUR 0,99

5.0 von 5 Sternen A grim doomsday tale, 13. Januar 2014
Aliens who have lived among us for the past 5000 years finally get the call to release a virus developed to wipe out most of the earth’s population. As the death toll mounts, we follow one alien who has decided he cannot complete his mission. He meets up with two survivors and runs for cover.

Most of the book was the set up for the series – background on the aliens and why they want to take over Earth, the mechanics of the spread of the infection, the horrifying descriptions of the course of the illness, and the personalities of the three escapees. Dark and sinister, this book drags you through an unimaginable scenario. Post-apocalyptic fiction at its best! Can’t wait for the next installment.

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