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Horst Horstenberger

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Bleed Like Me
Bleed Like Me
Wird angeboten von GMFT
Preis: EUR 8,32

9 von 33 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
2.0 von 5 Sternen Garbages' Noise Disaster, 28. März 2005
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Bleed Like Me (Audio CD)
Oh come on! This is unfair! I was promised a new Garbage album, and all I got is this washkitchen-one-more-guitar-please CD.
It's not that the tracks aren't good. But this Garbage album suffers the "too-much-samples-at-the-same-time"-syndrom. Have you ever experienced a constant "bleep" in your ear when you hear music? Well do the following: Grab a David Bowie album, let's say "Earthling" - Volume UP and hear... you will hear... NOISE... just NOISE. No possibility to differentiate between vocals, guitars,'s just constant noise. Why's that? Because there is just to much at the same time.
Too much at the same time is the major problem this album has. I was feeling serious pain listening to this album. It's a pity because the tracks could be really great... but they exaggerated it....;-(
"Bleed like me" is the technical worst album I've ever seen from Garbage. I really loved the "Why do you like me"-Single release because it's simply the only track on the album that did not suffer the syndrom that bad...
I personally go for Bowie and the new Garbage Album when I want to get a headache fast.
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