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Greatest Tears Vol.1
Greatest Tears Vol.1
Preis: EUR 12,91

3.0 von 5 Sternen "The Early Years", 4. Oktober 2009
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Greatest Tears Vol.1 (Audio CD)
This Greatest hits covers mostly the earlier work of Lake of Tears, with lots from "Headstones" and "Greater Art," which shows much more of Lake of Tears roots in death metal and goth, though some stuff from their later albums are included. Personally I like the songs on volume 2 much better, which features the more progressive, dreamy Lake of Tears music. I'd also suggest buying the Crimson Cosmos or Forever Autumn over this compilation.

Preis: EUR 10,35

3.0 von 5 Sternen Pop Goth and Not Pop Goth, 12. Mai 2009
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Gothica (Audio CD)
Yet another Zyx compilation of goth, symphonic and black metal. The two discs couldn't be more different.

Disc 1 is a compilation of very pop rock oriented releases of some of the more well known bands in this Genre. Never Enough, Energize Me, and The Other Side are really good tracks but not really representive of Epica's After Forever's, or Sirenia's music. Nevertheless the first disc is definately good, though the Cold Seed track doesn't fit in for me musically and the Darkseed and Evereve tracks aren't my favorites.

The first 5 tracks of disc 2 continue on this way, unfortunately including the very annoying "Voices in a Dream" from Echoes of Eternity. I'm also not a fan of Subway to Sally, though this is a matter of taste. The last 6 tracks suddenly turn very hard, but unfortunately the quality is also not strong here, though Kovenant's "New World Order" is a great track, and Sculpture's "Why" and "The Stain Remains" from Orphanage have grown on me, though neither of them are in my opinion super songs.

In the end I'd say Zyx has put out better compilations, but if you're willing to put up with the weaker tracks, its not a bad buy.

Opera Metal Vol.3
Opera Metal Vol.3

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5.0 von 5 Sternen One of the better Zyx compilations, 12. Mai 2009
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Opera Metal Vol.3 (Audio CD)
I've recently got into Goth/Symphonic metal and have bought a lot of compilations, most of them from Zyx, who seems to specialize in putting out such cds. Opera Metal 3 is one of the better ones. Like its two predecessors it contains a mix of symphonic, goth, and power metal, though it lacks the black metal bands (like Cradle of Filth) who appeared in volume 2. Like all such compilations it has its stronger and weaker tracks, but I at least found none of the tracks annoying and many of them quite enjoyable. I was even surprised by the 3 power metal tracks (not usually my favorite) as they are all pretty good.

For me the really impressive tracks are :Avantasia's Carry Me Over, Silverlane's Kingdom of Sand (both power metal tracks), Sirenia's The Mind Maelstrom, Battlelore's Exile the Daystar, Agathodaimon's Alone in the Dark, and Stream of Passion's When You Hurt Me Most.

While I'm a fan of Therion, Nightwish, and especially Epica, the tracks here are good, but not the best work from these bands.

Lunatica's Two Dreamers, and Cornatus's Mein Herz are two of the weaker tracks for me. They aren't really annoying, but simply uninteresting.

If you're looking for a compilation of this sort of music, I'd heartily recommend this Album.

Dark Nights: Best In Gothic Metal
Dark Nights: Best In Gothic Metal
Preis: EUR 10,90

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Good, but not a masterwork, 19. Oktober 2008
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Dark Nights: Best In Gothic Metal (Audio CD)
This is a mix of "gothic metal" bands and contains songs by Tiamat, Lacuna Coil, Tristina, and others to name just a few. The songs range from slow soft songs such as Tristinia's Deadlocked, to extremely heavy songs like Samael's Rain. Most of the songs are good, and my personal favorites are Moonspell's Full Moon Madness, Tiamat's Gaia, Samael's Rain, and Mannequin from Kovenant, which are admittedly all on the harder side. There are a few songs which don't to anything for me, such as To die For's Loveless, though I have heard other songs from them I like. And others such as Deadlocked, which are ok for me as a bridge between songs. If your interested in a sampler of gothic metal bands, this is by no means a bad buy. I wouldn't count it under my favorite albums, but I do give it a spin or two in the cd player every month.

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